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The Love List {19 Nov 2011}

Happy Saturday, friends, hope you’ve been having a wonderful day! My housemates have been throwing themselves out of planes today for charity while I’ve been much less energetic, but just as busy rounding up all the latest loveliness for you from the world of weddings. Have a look at these lovelies…

The Love List {19 Nov 2011} | SouthBound Bride

The Love List {19 Nov 2011} | SouthBound Bride

I’m always banging on about personalisation being the heart of any wedding, and this week’s WoW just goes to prove it. Two computer geeks (by their own term) who chose a ‘pixel cowboy’ theme to reflect their shared loves and their home states. It sounds mental, but it’s amazing. Super cute pixelated touches everywhere, colour, down home Western decor – it’s a completely stylish reflection of who they are and I’ll bet that none of their guests will ever forget it. Go forth. Read. Emulate.

And finally, here’s what went down right here this last week…

I’m off out for the evening. See you on Monday!

The Love List {19 Nov 2011} | SouthBound Bride

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