The Love List {18 Nov 2012}

Hello friends! Just enough time to squeeze this in before the end of a crazy weekend (sadly all work and no play; I am a very dull girl). I have some seriously gorgeous gorgeousness in the week to come, but first there's last weeks wonders. And this week I was thrilled to have not one but two of … Continue reading

The Love List {28 Oct 2012}

Hello friends, how is your Sunday going? I've had a bit of a lie-in with the clocks going back here in the UK... which also means you may see the SBB morning posts appearing just a little later from now on. I'll keep scheduling them ahead of time where possible, but if not, I've lost an hour for … Continue reading

The Love List {21 Oct 2012}

Hello lovelies! How has your weekend been? I have mostly been recovering from a MANIC week - amazing how it can take it all out of you! The weather has been hideous (although I can't complain, since it managed to pull itself together for improbable sunshine on Wednesday, allowing us to shoot in a … Continue reading

The Love List {6 Oct 2012}

Good morning friends, and happy weekend! I've had a very chilled out week, and a chilled weekend to come - looking forward to seeing one of my lovely friends today who's over from Singapore for some tea and cake and goss. Meanwhile, here's what the blog got up to this week... Turquoise and … Continue reading

The Love List 21 Sept 2012

Weyhey, it's the weekend! And the end of my week of cat sitting for my housemates while they're off on holidays - I'm going to miss having a purring kitty curled up at the end of my bed through the night! And I always thought I was a total dog person... Anyway, in the meantime, little Missy is … Continue reading