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Mismatched Bridesmaid Accessories Part 2 {Shoes}

Mismatched Bridesmaid Accessories Part 2 {Shoes} | SouthBound Bride

Source: Emily Johnston Anderson via Ruffled

Hello friends! Isn’t this week just the best? So thrilling to see another South African gold in the pool last night, and an absolutely brilliant one at that. Go the Chad. Just one post today, as I’m heading off to Wimbledon to watch some Olympic tennis. So exciting! I don’t know exactly what we’ll get to see live, but I know Andy Murray’s playing in the afternoon, so I’m sure the atmosphere will be amazing! But right back in Weddingville, we’re getting excited about shoes. For a change. Okay, yes, we’re always excited about shoes here, but in this case it’s shoes that reflect the mismatched bridesmaid trend we’ve been seeing in the last couple of seasons. A couple of weeks ago we spoke about one type of lovely mismatched accessory (flowers) and today it’s all about letting your BMs’ feet do the talking. Get ready to say “shoe-wa-wa!” Read more

A Touch of Sparkle Styled Shoot

A Touch of Sparkle Styled Shoot | SouthBound Bride

Time for some afternoon delight! You all know how partial I am to a bit of sparkle, so I was delighted to find an email all  the way from Australia a couple of weeks ago about this sweet, glittery styled shoot, styled and produced by Amy Oran and featuring gorgeous headpieces and dresses from her company, Teeki. They’re absolutely gorgeous, and so ‘of the moment’ – I think you’re going to fall in love with them too! Read more

Real Wedding at Beaumont Wines {Nombuso & James}

Real Wedding at Beaumont Wines {Nombuso & James} | SouthBound Bride

As a wedding blogger, it’s sometimes a bit of an odd experience going through someone else’s wedding pictures. The ones I tend to leave out (when I’ve been sent a full set) are the family shots, pictures of the guests, dancefloor pics. Those are personal pics, not really for a blog, but they do give me an amazing insight into a couple. And let me tell you, Nombuso and James have a lot of love around them, not to mention friends and family that really know how to party! There’s so much joy and good feeling and even pride on every guest’s face, that you just know what an awesome couple they are. Of course, that’s not the only reason I love this wedding at Beaumont Wines. I’m a big fan of the English country style they’ve employed in neutrals, with little pops of pastel and raspberry pink. I’m a big fan of their adorable cake, their old fashioned jars of sweets for favours, their hessian (burlap) bunting. The haybale seating at the ceremony (so cute!). The cool lanterns on their dancefloor (what a lovely alternative to the large round lanterns we usually see.) The bride’s shoes – how I do love those Westwoods! All in all, it’s a truly lovely wedding, perfectly captured by Glee Photography – enjoy! Read more

Mr Price Online {My Picks}

I have to say, I LOVE online shopping. In fact, it’s what I mostly do here in the UK, because I am bone lazy and also, it means I can comparison shop and look for good deals. So I’m thrilled to see that online shopping is becoming more available in SA (one point in the ‘potentially move home at some stage’ column), and since I love a bargain, I was especially glad to note that Mr Price has opened its online store today. Apparently delivery is quick and not too expensive, and I’m sure this will do really well as a venture for them. Anyway, to celebrate, I thought I would pick out a few of the items I thought you could potentially incorporate into a wedding. The key of course with a budget, high street store, is to be selective, but it’s a great way to add a pop of fun that doesn’t break the bank and with weddings going ever more informal, there’s no reason why relaxed brides shouldn’t be able to pick up a few items at their local mall.

Mr Price Online {My Picks} | SouthBound Bride Read more

Inspiration Board: Olympian Blue

Hooray for Mondays, SouthBound Bride! And it’s no surprise I have the Olympics on my mind today. I was going to do a gold, silver and bronze board, but having just done mixed metallics last week, I thought I would focus on Olympian Blue, one of the beautiful colours from Pantone’s Fall 2012 lineup, mixed in with a bit of shiny gold, for obvious reasons. Hopefully there’ll be at least one gold to South Africa’s name by the time you read this! This blue is lovely and fresh, but it’s also quite intense, so I’ve added a light denimy blue in as well, and gone for a look that’s kind of a cross between urban and rustic, and just a bit Anthropologie. It works beautifully with the BHLDN dress top left, which I have been in love with for the last year. Another detail I absolutely adore is the calligraphed tiles for place cards (no surprise, an innovation from Martha Stewart). And for a final Olympic touch, there’s a pretty laurel-inspired gold headband. Hope you like it, and hope you’re all enjoying the games this week! (To find out more about the Pantone range and see some colour combos, check out this post.)

Colours: Olympian blue, pale blue, grey, gold

Inspiration Board: Olympian Blue | SouthBound Bride

Top row (l-r): BHLDN dress {S: Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations; P: Mike Larson Photographers, Inc.}; blue bridesmaids dresses and anemone bouquets {C: Bluebird Events; P: Leo Patrone Photography}; ceremony backdrop {P: Jason Durnin}; gold cake
Row 2: Calligraphy invitation {Sycamore Street Press/Betsy Dunlap}; laurel headband; gold and white bunting; calligraphy tile place cards: topaz ring
Row 3: Olympic rings; blue shoes {C: Jenny Brown; P: Alea Lovely Photo + Video}; reception venue {P: Jason Durnin}; spraypainted bottles.

Inspiration Board: Olympian Blue | SouthBound Bride


The Love List {29 July 2012}

Good morning, lovelies! It’s been such an exciting weekend here at SBB headquarters, with the Olympics hitting London! I have been well and truly getting into the spirit – I watched the amazing opening ceremony with friends on Friday, and then yesterday I was lucky enough to have tickets to an event (women’s volleyball, USA vs Korea and Turkey vs Brazil). I hadn’t watched volleyball since high school but wow, what a fantastic evening of sport – those ladies were just amazing, and both games were so exciting. It was such a thrill to think “I am at an actual Olympics event”, and to be able to cross one more item off my “100 things to do in my life” list. Today I’ll be heading to my old home in Putney to see the cycling go past, and I have more Olympics stuff coming up next week. So yay! I hope those of you who are here in London are enjoying it as much as I am!

On another note, this has been a great week on the blog, not just because I have been lucky enough to have amazing content to share, but also because of you. On Monday I asked for submissions for the next Real Life Bride (you can still do this, by the way, until Tuesday) and I have been so heartwarmed by the response! Sometimes as a blogger you feel like you’re talking to yourself, but to hear your stories and know some of my readers better has been wonderful – it’s going to be so hard to choose! Anyway, thank you. And here’s what you missed on SBB: Beach Gleam | Peaches and Cream | Menu Supreme | Rustic Dream | Grey Colour Scheme | Pretty Extreme | Ice Cream Team. Stay tuned for more fabulousness next week!

The Love List {29 July 2012} | SouthBound Bride Read more

Supplier Spotlight: Ice Cream Ninjas

Supplier Spotlight: Ice Cream Ninjas | SouthBound Bride
As a wedding blogger, I’m always on the lookout for something new and different that can add an extra spark to a wedding day, making it extra memorable for your guests (and often, keeping them entertained, so your photographer can take lovely pictures of you and your groom). So when I stumbled across the concept of Ice Cream Ninjas, I was super excited. You guys, it’s like Cocktail (Tom Cruise style), but with ice cream. I’m going to say that again. Cocktail… with ice cream. It’s bloody genius. And I cannot think of anything more fun at a beach or summery wedding.

Supplier Spotlight: Ice Cream Ninjas | SouthBound Bride Read more

Coral and Aqua Styled Shoot

Coral and Aqua Styled Shoot | SouthBound Bride

My goodness am I excited to share this little beauty with you! I spied with my little eye, something beginning with coral and aqua on the Wedding Concepts blog last year when this shoot, which was styled and co-ordinated by the WC team, was featured in Wedding Inspirations magazine. That single pincushion protea place setting really stuck in my mind, and I was so thrilled to get hold of a copy of the magazine and devour every gorgeous pic by one of my photography faves, Annemari Ruthven. So you can imagine I was even happier when the lovely Hannes of Wedding Concepts asked if I’d like to feature it right here on SBB. Um, yes please, Hannes! The thing with styled shoots (and it’s a reason some blogs don’t always feature them) is that it’s unlikely you can replicate the whole thing on the grand scale of a wedding, unless you’re getting set to be a Real Housewife of Constantia maybe. The art of it all is to be inspired, by the mood of the shoot perhaps, by the colours (although don’t forget you can translate a look you like to a whole new palette), or by a single detail or set of details. And that’s what’s so great about this one, because it is just teeming with original and inspiring ideas. First, the colour scheme – we’ve seen it before, and both coral and aqua are huge colours right now. But this shoot shows you how to be bold AND classy in the way that colour is used. Natural textures like the pincushions and coral itself, set against the clean lines of milk glass and graphic stationery are the way to  go. The table base is neutral, but through ribbons, flowers and lovely homeware items, the palette comes through. And that’s not where it ends. I love unexpected touches: the bride’s boho styling, the macaroon lollipops, the Bloody Mary bar, or DIY details like the ribbon garland or the paint dipped glass vases. It’s awesome, and I hope you enjoy poring over it just as much as I have! Read more

Real Wedding at Grootvlei Guest Farm {Ingrid & Denzil}

Real Wedding at Grootvlei Guest Farm {Ingrid & Denzil} | SouthBound Bride

You know, sometimes when you travel, it makes you appreciate all the wonders and beauties of the world, and how luck you are that you can plane, train or automobile your way around them. And sometimes, travel makes you appreciate what you have at home. It’s like that for me with the South African coast. Sure, I’ll never say no to a tropical island, and there’s something very appealing about bobbing around in the smooth Mediterranean. But you only have to sit on a pebbly beach in Brighton for five minutes to miss our soft, pale sand, and there’s nothing quite like the roar of our not just one, but two oceans. I think that’s one of the reasons why beach weddings are always highlights for me, especially when they manage to recreate some of that wild, natural beauty. That’s what today’s stunning wedding at Grootvlei does – the palette is like a stormy day at sea with light breaking through the clouds (which is appropriate, considering the proposal). Soft greys and whites, with flashes of natural green. Orchids and succulents (which I never would have expected to work together, but are so elegant). A driftwood altar. The pictures by Stephan Marais are so gorgeous, I just knew I had to share them with you! {Oh, and PS, I love Grootvlei’s mussel motif – such a cool texture for a beach venue.} Read more

Real Wedding at The Bridge {Roslynde & Louis}

Real Wedding at The Bridge {Roslynde & Louis} | SouthBound Bride

You know, there’s a story behind why origami cranes are considered lucky for weddings. Supposedly, the qualities you need to fold 1,000 cranes (patience, good communication, perseverance, and so on) are the same ones that you’ll need to have a successful marriage. But the origami cranes in today’s wedding teach something different. These were folded by a friend of the bride, and this detail, as well as the many other handmade touches from friends and family, reminded the bride and groom of the support they have in their marriage. Isn’t that just so lovely? Of course, the loveliness doesn’t stop there. The first thing I fell in love with from Roslynde and Louis’ wedding (apart from her pretty name!) was the wooden proteas carried by her bridesmaids – aren’t they just the coolness? Followed very closely by her dove grey dress, with the prettiest lace detailing. Not to mention some brilliant rustic details – plantable bird thank-you cards, hanging succulents in little bottles, a feast of ribbons (I think I even spied some measuring tape on one of the succulent tins – another great DIY-able detail). Oh, what the heck, I love it all. Melanie Wessels (welcome Melanie!) did the photographic honours. Read more