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The Love List {21 Oct 2012}

Hello lovelies! How has your weekend been? I have mostly been recovering from a MANIC week – amazing how it can take it all out of you! The weather has been hideous (although I can’t complain, since it managed to pull itself together for improbable sunshine on Wednesday, allowing us to shoot in a field – still can’t believe our luck!) so today I think I’ll curl up in bed with a hot chocolate and dream up some wedding inspiration for the week to come. As always, I have some really lovely weddings and ideas to share, and we’ll also be introducing a brand new Real Life Bride to the team, which is very exciting! But first, the week that was. Here’s what you missed on SBB: Coral + sparkle = fabulous | A special rehearsal dinner for our RLB | A gorgeous Moroccan-themed wedding | What to expect from your dress consultation and fitting | A barefoot farm wedding with fruit on the tables and flowers by the barrow | Show me the way to the next whisky bar… | The Aleit/Uwe Koetter Bridal Experience | A stunning bush wedding + video | Loving this Simon’s Town e-session | Bridesmaid 101 | Gorgeous bridesmaid pic inspiration.

And here’s what I loved from the rest of the web:

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Bridesmaids {Sponsor Showcase}

Staying with our theme of bridesmaids today, I have some more lovely eye candy from the fabulous SBB photographer sponsors, who have opened their albums to share a gorgeous collection of bridesmaids – both ready-for-their-closeup and behind-the-scenes. I always think it’s a pity when I don’t see any pics of a bride and her girls – not only do their dresses bring a lot of colour and cohesion to the images (and after all the hours you spend picking them, why wouldn’t you want them to be seen?) but because the time spent between a girl and her best friends on the morning of her wedding is so precious and such a celebration of their friendship. When I was a BM for one of my besties, Nikki, a few years back, she decoupaged a gorgeous black and white of her with us two bridesmaids on a wooden box afterwards and filled it with prints from the wedding – still one of the nicest gifts I have ever received and one I treasure, along with a framed version of that pic. It reminds me not only of how special it was to be her witness that day, sharing bridesmaid duties, laughs and memories with the third of our trio, Tracy, but also of all the other special moments in our friendship. Today’s post is a tribute to that wonderful feeling, and also to all  the jobs both big and small that BMs do to make sure that their bride has the day of her dreams.

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Guest Post: The Bridesmaid’s Duties

Guest Post: The Bridesmaids Duties | SouthBound Bride

Source: Joy & Dylan’s Simon’s Town Wedding (Photography: Nastassja Harvey)

Good morning, friends! It’s been a long and crazy week for me, including an amazing shoot with such a great team mid-week that I am dying to share with you (in the words of Barney Stinson… wait for it…) so I’m pretty glad it’s Friday. And what a fun Friday we have lined up for you, as it’s our unofficial Bridesmaid Day! We’re kicking things off with some comprehensive, down-to-earth advice from friend of the blog Theresa Lazarevic of Creation Events.. I love that Theresa not only has a great eye for decor that really benefits her brides and grooms, but she’s also a source of wedding wisdom and practical ideas. I like to think I’ve always been quite a switched-on bridesmaid, but I know many friends who have felt a bit lost in knowing their place in the planning and what they can do to help and support. Well, here’s everything they need to know. Be sure to make use of the sharing buttons at the end of the post to share these with your own bridesmaids and MOH! And don’t forget to pop back later for more bridesmaid inspiration from our sponsors. Read more

Wedding Video: Claire & Andrew

Wedding Video: Claire & Andrew | SouthBound Bride
Wedding Video: Claire & Andrew | SouthBound Bride

Just a little while earlier we featured Claire and Andrew’s elegant bush wedding, and I’m so excited to share their video with you now as well. I think it gives you a great sense of the incredible bushveld scenery (goosebumps!), love and fun of the day – and just what an awesome time all of us guests had! Such a special celebration. There’s even a very quick cameo from me, so see if you can spot it!

Big thanks to Silent Video Productions for allowing me to share their lovely work!

Still images by Andrea Carlyle


Real Wedding at Ivory Tree Lodge {Claire & Andrew}

Real Wedding at Ivory Tree Lodge {Claire & Andrew} | SouthBound Bride

Today’s wedding is special to me in so many ways. First of all, the bride and groom happen to be dear friends – Claire is another of my Minerva girls, from our time at varsity. She’s one of the most strikingly beautiful women I know, and she also happens to be lovely and whip smart – someone whose opinion I really value. She and Andrew returned to SA from their home in Singapore for their Pilanesberg wedding (I was also lucky enough to attend), which was seriously so much fun. I think one of the things that really struck me was how well it flowed – from the ceremony looking out over the breathtaking African bush (so much in the wild, in fact, that we had rangers patrolling the perimeter with guns throughout) and the sundowners which followed (such a wow moment), to the canapés on the lawn, to dinner and speeches and then a long session on the dancefloor, everyone was moved on quickly and unobtrusively, and it really contributed to the success of the day I thought. Another thing was the entertainment – they had a choir for the ceremony, bagpipers and a drummer throughout (including the dancefloor!) and a sax player for the reception. The pipe and drum were from Transvaal Scottish, which was my grandpa’s regiment in WW2, and since I inherited my love of the wild from him too, it was particularly special for me. So all in all, one of my all-time-favourite weddings! Andrea Carlyle was there to take the gorgeous pics (and to listen to my friends and I talk nonsense in the jeep while we chased a lion sighting on the way to the reception!). And stay tuned, because in a very short while I’ll be sharing Claire and Andrew’s video (with a very brief spot-the-Gaby cameo appearance from me!). Read more

Simon’s Town Engagement Shoot

Simons Town Engagement Shoot | SouthBound Bride

Straight off, I am just going to say, I LOVE this couple’s proudly South African styling. Sazi’s shweshwe ruffled dress especially is just the bomb, and they’re perfectly co-ordinated which (Brangelina and the Beckhams taking it too far aside) makes for the most amazing pictures. Of course, it always helps when you have a fantastic photographer, and today I’m so happy to share the work of Yolande Snyders. You may remember Yolande as one half of the Desert Rose Project team, and I’ve got to know Yolande a bit via email as one of our sponsors over the last couple of months. She’s such a honey, and I so admire her enthusiasm not just for her photography but for her community. Awesome. Anyway, Sazi and Khulile, today’s super stylish couple, decided to have their engagement pics taken wandering around Simon’s Town (one of my fave Cape spots), including in the toy museum, which is such a fun touch. It’s the perfect portrait of a perfect Cape afternoon. Read on for more of their love story… Read more

The Aleit & Uwe Koetter Bridal Experience

The Aleit & Uwe Koetter Bridal Experience | SouthBound Bride

You know those random discussions you have in the pub on a Sunday afternoon, like the one where you try to decide which superpower you’d have if you could choose? For me, it’s an easy answer. Teleportation, baby. I mean, just imagine it. Quick jaunts to Bora Bora. Never having to commute or use public transportation. Going back to South Africa whenever I want to. Not missing a birthday or a wedding or just lunch with the girls, ever again. That is pretty much the ultimate for me. So sometimes I think about how I wish I had that superpower, and one of those times recently was when I was invited to a fabulous launch, with a high tea and some of my favourite South African wedding suppliers. Boo. The launch in question was for the Aleit Group and Uwe Koetter Jewellers Bridal Experience, a luxury bridal expo that is taking place throughout October. For the rest of the month, you’ll be able to visit the Uwe Koetter showroom in the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village and see the bridal couture ranges from Didi Couture, Robyn Roberts, Elbeth Gillis and Hendrik Vermeulen, as well as offerings from a range of other exclusive service providers. It’s also a chance to see the brand new Halo Collection, SA’s grandest collection of large stone diamond rings, from Uwe Koetter.

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DIY Whisky Bar

DIY Whisky Bar | SouthBound Bride

It’s funny how the drinks you like change with age, isn’t it? I mean, when I was 18, I drank a lot of alcopops, but I wouldn’t be caught dead with one now. And at that age, I thought whisky was vile, but now I quite like a one from time to time (although, I’m sorry purists, mine’s on the rocks). Due probably to the fact that a few years back I dated a guy who really loved the stuff, and I came to appreciate it more after a distillery weekend in Islay, Scotland. Maybe that’s appropriate, because there’s something a bit more sophisticated about whisky – it’s to be enjoyed slowly, not downed or drunk through a straw (what WAS that anyway, eighteen year old Gaby?). Point is, I think a whisky (or whisky and cigar) bar is a really lovely addition to a wedding reception, and something that usually makes the groom’s eyes light up in the planning. So I was delighted when SBB reader Claudine got in touch after her own recent wedding to share how she and her groom Richard created a whisky/whiskey bar for their wedding – and how you can too! All images are by the awesome Laura Versveld, who is based in Mpumalanga. (You can also see the whole of Richard and Claudine’s wedding on Lovilee.) Take it away, Claudine! Read more

Real Farm Wedding {Mariaan & Johnnie}

Real Farm Wedding {Mariaan & Johnnie} | SouthBound Bride

They say when you know you know, and that must have been true for Johnny, who first fell for Mariaan when they were children! So cute. This pair of barefoot farm kids grew up to be free-spirited adults, and threw a laid back country wedding that had a touch of carnival celebration. I LOVE that they used what they had, and this turned into fruit on the tables instead of flowers (Johnnie is in the fruit business), barrows and crates full of fynbos, and what is without doubt my favourite bar of all time. I also love the boho flowergirls and the little pageboys in top hats! The relaxed vibe was perfectly captured by Carmen Visser, who’s been kind enough to share her beautiful pictures with us today. A farm wedding is actually super appropriate for me today, since I’ll be spending it styling a special inspiration shoot in a farm setting – hold thumbs for me that we get some unseasonably fine weather! Read more

Fit for a Queen

Fit for a Queen | SouthBound Bride

So… you’ve met the man of your dreams, you’ve dated, you’ve met each other’s parents, you’ve realised you want to spend a lifetime together, and the moment you’ve been waiting for since you were a little girl has finally arrived. Not THAT big moment (we’ll assume he’s already popped the question) – the moment you get to go into a wedding boutique and play dress up. The first time you really get to feel like a bride, when your mom will well up and your best friends will sigh, and you’ll all drink champagne and say yes to the dress. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from visiting both high end boutiques and (sometimes slightly dodgy) budget ones with friends, not all dress fitting experiences are made equal. And nothing makes you feel less bridal than getting stuffed into a shabby sample by a grumpy assistant in a tiny changing room with peeling wallpaper and a curtain hanging precariously off the rail.

Fortunately, that doesn’t have to happen to you. If you read the blog regularly, you’ll know that a brand new branch of Olivelli has now opened in Cape Town, and as well as drop dead beautiful dresses, Olivelli is all about personalised service. Owner Natasha Colson, who was inspired to open her own branch after a blissful experience as a bride at the flagship Gauteng Olivelli store, is passionate about making all her brides and their guests feel like royalty when they come in for their fittings. More than just another wedding chore, it’s an experience. Read more