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Let Them Eat Wedding Cake #8: The Rehearsal Dinner

Let Them Eat Wedding Cake #8: The Rehearsal Dinner | SouthBound Bride

When Justin and I can’t decide which take away to order we tend to adopt the Lorelai Gilmore approach of ordering all the top contenders and enjoying any left over’s in the week that follows. Sometimes ordering more than one thing and combining them creates a unique and rather remarkable experience, the whole sometimes being even greater than the sum of its parts. Pasta on a pizza for example. Ambrosia. So when we realised that the venue we first fell in love with couldn’t fit all our wedding guests – I think we adopted a rather similar mentality. Completely discarding this perfect venue somehow seemed like a step in the wrong direction. Surely we could find a way for it to add something wonderful to the wedding experience, set the tone, the ambiance, stir up the excitement perhaps? The solution to our wonderings? The rehearsal dinner.

Let Them Eat Wedding Cake #8: The Rehearsal Dinner | SouthBound Bride Read more

Inspiration Board: Coral & Glam

Tangerine may have been Pantone’s 2013 colour of the year, but if there’s a breakout shade for weddings this season, it’s coral. And boy, am I ever glad! Coral is such a warm shade, and so versatile – I can’t believe how many colours it works with beautifully! It’s also lovely reader Carrie’s favourite colour, so of course she’s chosen it for her summer wedding. And Carrie must be a girl after my own heart, because she also loves a bit of sparkle, and wants to put her bridesmaids in mismatched glittery dresses – how pretty is that? There are some lovely coral or blush and sequin dresses available at the moment, but for this board I’ve gone for one of my absolute favourite bridesmaid combos of recent times – these copper skirt and top sequin and lace mismatches are just amazing and they look so good with the coral and white bouquets! Add in beautiful copper heart Vivienne Westwood shoes, and some good as gold accents and you have the perfect amount of metallic. A good tip with coral is to use it in a sort of ombre way, with everything from a pale blush to the most powerful orange version of the colour, just the way that it is in this adorable stationery suite. Add a few special touches – homemade lemonade, a ruffly chair back, sparkly mason jars, and you have everything you need for coral and glam wedding wonderful. Hope you like your board, Carrie!

Colours: Coral, blush, white, copper & gold

Inspiration Board: Coral & Glam | SouthBound Bride

Top row (l-r): Bridesmaids {P: Jarvie Digital Photography}; table layout {S: Envision Wedding Studio; P: AC Ellis Inc.}; pink lemonade {P: White Loft Studio}; blush ruffle chair back {S: Envision Wedding Studio; P: AC Ellis Inc.}
Row 2: Coral & gold stationery suite {P: Jean-Pierre Gary and Kiera Ormut-Fleishman}; coral macaroons; Vivienne Westwood shoes; fireplace ceremony {P: Justin Demutiis Photography; S: Olivier Events}
Row 3: Sparkle mason jars; lace sheath dress with keyhole back {P: Paul Johnson}; cake {Elizabeth Messina}; single bloom centrepiece {Martha Stewart}.

Inspiration Board: Coral & Glam | SouthBound Bride


Inspiration Board Revisited {Modern Moroccan}

Happy weekend! I have a special little bonus feature for you today, and just a tiny taster of a stunning wedding I’ll be featuring next week. Gina is the first bride I’ll be featuring who requested one of my inspiration boards, and I wanted to show you a bit of how her original ideas developed before you catch the final result. When Gina first emailed me, she was feeling like she had all these ideas but couldn’t quite picture it coming together, and wanted the design of her wedding to look cohesive. First of all, I should say that this is such a common feeling amongst brides – in fact, I hear this from almost everyone who requests a board – so if you have reached that stage then be reassured that it’s completely normal! In fact, creating a board at this stage in the process (or revising one you already have) is a great idea, because it lets you see the bigger picture (and sometimes spot from a distance when one element isn’t working with the others). Anyway, back to Gina, who had her heart set on a Moroccan theme for her and fiance Ben’s big day, but wanted to make sure it didn’t turn out looking like a tacky theme party.

Gina had a couple of colour schemes in mind, and when I created her board, I chose the one that was clean white and green, with a little touch of deep purple (using a white base with little touches of colour moved away from the Arabian Nights party vibe). Gina had access to Moroccan decor items, and I suggested scattering these around, with hanging lanterns as a key piece. For the tables, I suggested either a print tablecloth or a white one with tiles used as a runner. I also suggested low tables and a bedouin-style breakout area, and directed Gina to a few links, including this gorgeous Sunday Suppers take on Moroccan dining. Here’s the inspiration board I made for Gina:

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Hen Party Theme: Tropical Fever

Hen Party Theme: Tropical Fever | SouthBound Bride

Sources: Surfer Girls; Beverley Hills Hotel Wallpaper

We’re havin’ a heatwave… a tropical heatwave… (Ha, I wish. I can hear rain on my skylight as I write this.) This is a theme I’ve been dying to do for ages (probably because of just how much I love a kitschy retro surf design) but I knew the moment had come when Amanda of 100 Layer Cake showcased her vintage tiki shower recently. It was AWESOME. This is such a perfect shower theme – ideal for beach bums, coast lovers, surfer girls, vintage fans, kitsch creatives… the list goes on. The best part is that surf retro sort of merges seamlessly with a Hawaiian luau or a tiki bar vibe, and these are the kinds of themes that really get guests going. So fun. In fact, I’m liking this mishmash of a theme so much that I think it’s going to be showing up in my birthday celebrations this year… Anyway, put on some Beach Boys, because we’re going on a surfin’ safari. Here’s how to throw a fabulous tropical/vintage surf bash. Read more

Inspiration Board: Summer Breeze

If there’s one colour palette that seems to be winning out for the next South African season (judging by your emails, anyway), it’s a combination of soft pink and pastel green. And who can blame you ladies for picking it? It’s classically romantic, feminine and fresh – everything that a sunny spring or summer wedding aims to be. Lovely reader Riette, who’s getting married at the gorgeous De Uijlnes, has been waiting patiently for her SBB board, and here it is: a rustic and romantic summer farm wedding. Riette asked for some DIY touches and at first glance this may not seem particularly DIY since I haven’t gone for a handmade/craft look (see here for an example of this in the same colours) – however, many of the elements I’ve included can actually be easily DIYed. For example, those frosted fruits make an amazing feature, but can be created in your own kitchen (tutorial here) and birch bark vases and stands are another easy DIY. Buy plain brown card and a white gel pen for lovely place cards (or buy a simple calligraphy font online and print on brown paper if you’re not confident about your handwriting). Coloured pink glass makes a big impact (if you can’t afford to hire coloured wine glasses for every guest, you’ll still get a lot of mileage out of coloured glass candlesticks or vases) and so do delicate delights like pretty pink cupcakes and pink lemonade. But my favourite element is the blush pink wedding dress – many beautiful blush options are on the market now, and it makes a real impact without being matchy matchy with your decor. This elegantly rustic combo will look classic for years to come. Hope you like your board, Riette!

Other pink and green SBB inspiration boards: Polka Promise | Pastel Protea | Sparkle & Blush | Spade in Heaven | Honeysuckle Garden | Bicycles & Tulips

Colours: Pastel pink, green and neutrals

Inspiration Board: Summer Breeze | SouthBound Bride

Top row (l-r): Blush wedding dress {P: Elizabeth Messina}; brown paper name tags {P: The Collective Photographers; C: Ariel Yve Design}; cake {P: Brandon Chesbro; C: Southall Eden}; frosted fruit decorations {P: Rensche Mari}; pink lemonade
Row 2: Green and pink bridesmaid dresses {P: Kelly Hornberger Photography; C: Gina Whittington}; invitation {Invitation Gallery}; boutonnieres {P: Laura Murray Photography}; pink cupcakes {C: Sugarbloom Cupcakes}
Row 3: Bride with fishtail braid {P: Michelle Lemley}; birch bark candle stands {P: Limelife Photography; C: Mint Weddings}; bouquet {P: Wayne Yuan; F: Mille Fiori}; table setting with coloured glass {P: Brandon Chesbro; C: Southall Eden}; bride and groom {P: White Ivory}.

Inspiration Board: Summer Breeze | SouthBound Bride


Real Wedding at Fynbos Golf & Country Estate {Sharné & Ryan}

Real Wedding at Fynbos Golf & Country Estate {Sharné & Ryan} | SouthBound Bride

Good morning, lovelies! Today, we’re transported to the forests of Tsitsikamma for a really lovely, heartfelt wedding. I wish I could have shared Sharné and Ryan’s whole questionnaire, because there were SO many details and special moments and thought put into everything, and the way they write about each other and their day is just so beautiful. It’s clear that it was not just the party of a lifetime (no surprise, with Sharné in PR!) but a day that they’d poured their heart and soul into. Everything, from their vows to Ryan’s amazing speech, to the videos they prepared for the reception, was meaningful, and that created an atmosphere of love for all their guests. Sharné summed it up best when I asked her favourite thing about the day: “I loved the way I felt in my heart… I was genuinely happy and felt so much love! I was so calm and confident with the man I have chosen. I was so ready for this! And this is what made me get goosebumps the entire day!” Ah! These two are just so adorable, and I’m so excited to share their gorgeous pics, courtesy of PE photographer Niki M. Read more

Love vs. Design + Max Wanger {Save the Dates}

Love vs. Design + Max Wanger {Save the Dates} | SouthBound Bride

I’m an absolute sucker for all things paper, so imagine my delight when a package all the way from Los Angeles dropped through my door last week full of quirky, beautiful stationery! (My housemate’s reaction: “howcome you always get fun stuff in the mail, and I just get bills?” I just smiled, smugly.) I’ve been a big fan of the modern vintage style of Love vs. Design for a while now, so I was thrilled to discover they had teamed up with one of my fave international photographers, Max Wanger, to create this stunning range of card and postcard Save the Dates. Max’s pictures have so much personality and also tend to use a lot of negative space, which made them absolutely perfect for this collaboration, and the result is just delightful. Of course, you can also customise the cards with your own pictures, and either way, I predict these will be gracing the fridge doors of friends and family for a long time after your big day, since they’re just too special to throw away. Take a look at the designs below, or head over to the Love vs. Design website, where you’ll find a fun little video! Read more

Ballet Buns

Ballet Buns | SouthBound Bride

Sources: Elizabeth Messina via Wedding Chicks (left); Jonas Peterson via Once Wed (right)

So there I was a few months back working a styled shoot with Sev Hubert of The Hepburn Collection (who happens to be a hair god) and I was having a minor OMG-I-didn’t-know-I-was-going-to-be-on-the-video-but-my-hair-is-just-stuck-back-in-my-go-to-bun freak out moment. And he just sort of looked at me appraisingly and said: “It is fine. A bun is always chic.” And you know what, the man knows what he’s talking about. A bun IS always chic, and never more so than at the moment, where the ballet bun/top knot/high bun has become the hottest style of the season. From sleek to a little messy, piled on top of the head or a little lower, it’s been an unexpected and welcome addition to the bridal hair repertoire, and has featured in some of my favourite wedding looks this year. I thought it was about time I collected some inspiration for you, so that’s what we’re doing today! Read more

Real Wedding at Morrell’s {Michelle & Grant}

Real Wedding at Morrells {Michelle & Grant} | SouthBound Bride

Just like relationships, I love that weddings come in all shapes and sizes. Most of my friends have chosen to have the traditional 100-120 person wedding, some have gone smaller, one couple eloped just the two of them while travelling in New Zealand, and one had two weddings when family illness meant they had to push the ceremony forward by some months. Each wedding was perfect for the couple it honoured, their history and preferences and circumstances, just like the marriages they heralded. And I think that’s an important part of the wedding planning process – figuring out what’s right for the two of you. Today’s couple followed a non-traditional route, with a tiny elopement followed by a joyful party with their extended circle, and just like my friend with two weddings, it allowed them to really relax and enjoy their second party with their favourite people. Grant and Michelle were inspired by their lovely venue, Morrells, and took their cue from the decor for their colours and theme – another great tip for anyone just setting out on their planning journey! The result is a beautiful wedding with a bit of a vintage French/secret garden vibe, and comes complete with the sort of personal touches you know I love! The couple’s stunning, intimate pictures were taken by Schantel of Kiekie Photography. Read more

Engagement Shoot at the Hout Bay Ruins

Engagement Shoot at the Hout Bay Ruins | SouthBound Bride

Okay, how cute is this? The bride-to-be in today’s engagement shoot, Patchi (Patricia), is originally from Brazil and she first learned English from watching Titanic with English subtitles. Which must have given her an interesting vocabulary, but at least she could tell Mike he was the king of her world when she met him! Photographer Brett Atherstone sent this adorable shoot in – Brett and his wife Niki are relatively new to the Cape photography scene, but judging by these pics we’ll be seeing more of them soon. Read more