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Real Wedding at Hillhouse {Leigh & Andrew}

Real Wedding at Hillhouse {Leigh & Andrew} | SouthBound Bride

Hello friends! It’s our first real wedding of the week, and this one is chock-full of handmade goodness! You know, people who have met me always assume (because I’m not much of a child person) that I’d be the first person to say that I prefer weddings kid-free. In fact, the opposite is true. I love kids at weddings (unless they’re screaming through the vows – take them outside, folks). They’re always so giddy and excited and awed by the whole thing, and they’re the most fun on the dancefloor. But more than anything, they remind me that a wedding is a community celebrating an event that isn’t just happening to someone else, but is part of who they all are and the fabric of their lives and friendships – having children there (another part of that fabric) just seems right to me. Anyway, this isn’t a lecture on why you should have kids at your wedding (do, don’t, up to you) but rather a thought that came out of today’s lovely wedding which also happens to have been particularly child-friendly. And the thing is, that with all the colour and beauty and detail (how much do we LOVE that altar backdrop, for example?), it seems very much a colourful tapestry of celebration in the way I’ve described. Samantha Maber was there to take these beautiful photos, and I’m thrilled to share them with you today! Read more

Real Life Bride #9: The Bridesmaids

Real Life Bride #9: The Bridesmaids | SouthBound Bride

I suppose there are many different ways of deciding on the people that you’ll have walking down the aisle before you and many factors play a role in this (sometimes difficult) decision. Some stick to family members, some to friends, some choose according to what the budget allows or how many groomsmen the groom will have. I didn’t set myself any rules. My two sisters are a pair of amazingly awesome, beautiful, fantastic ladies who I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. Naturally, they would have to be bridesmaids. But I also want my bestest friends to be by my side as they are the pillars on which I rely in life. So I’m going to have five bridesmaids. Yes, it has its complications in terms of the dresses, time schedule, budget, etc. but I wouldn’t change anything. I’m a very determined person so I figured I would make it work despite the odds.

Real Life Bride #9: The Bridesmaids | SouthBound Bride Read more

Inspiration Board: Duck Egg & Peach

Happy Monday, friends – hope you had a lovely weekend! Are you all ready for Valentine’s Day? Last week we combined pretty peach with modern mint for an inspiration board that was probably my most shared in a while, and today we’re working with peach again, this time paired with a beautiful duck egg blue. As soon as reader Alana wrote to tell me about her colours I absolutely fell in love with them, and I’ve been really looking forward to this board. Alana is getting married in early spring/late winter at Kruger, so while this is a perfect warm weather palette I’ve included some more sophisticated touches for an indoor venue. Alana wanted a touch of vintage, so I included letterpress silhouettes and pretty bow-decked shoes. Peach bouquets (and a peach wedding dress!) look beautiful with the soft blue bridesmaid dresses, together with peach cocktails and an adorable blue cake. Greet guests with rolls wrapped up in blue napkins and fresh preserves, and serve cool peachy cocktails. Alana also asked for a few quirky touches – I loved the idea of bells for your guests (to be rung after the ceremony) and my all-time favourite quirky yet elegant touch is umbrellas suspended above the dance floor. It makes quite an impression, but is actually relatively easy to pull off. Hope you like your board Alana!

Colours: Duck egg blue & peach

Inspiration Board: Duck Egg & Peach | SouthBound Bride

Top row (l-r): peach wedding dress {Cluney Photo }; duck egg blue bridesmaids {Veil and Bow}; blue ruffle cake {Sweet & Saucy Shop}; peach and white bouquet {Robert Sukrachand}; peach cocktail {Cookie + Kate}
Row 2: Peach and blue linens; bread roll place card {Martha Stewart}; marmalade favour {Tink Photography}; thumb print guest tree {Verity Stubbs/Ginger and Mint Photography/Christina Prochazka/Chrisp Pictures}; bell favours {Beaux Arts Photographie}
Row 3: Bride & groom {Melanie Wessels}; silhouette letterpress {Farrell and Chase}; peach shoes {Insight Creative/Carbine Avenue}; umbrella dance floor {Gabriel Ryan Photographers/JL Designs & Events}.

Inspiration Board: Duck Egg & Peach | SouthBound Bride


SouthBound Sundays {10 Feb 2013}

Hello my dear friends – how has your weekend been? I’ve had a lovely one. On Friday one of my bestest friends came over for sushi and way too much red wine, and we caught up and put the world to rights. On Saturday it was off to Oxford for lunch with more lovely friends – this time a group of ex-colleagues who have become dear friends and their husbands and children. So much fun! As for today, I’m spending it in bed, having been woken up in the middle of the night by a random drunk guy who broke into our porch – I eventually went to investigate some strange noises and found someone sticking their hand through our letterbox! Thank goodness I have a male housemate, who was very quickly shouted for and sorted it out. And the saga of the teenagers next door continues… Anyway, I’ve been pinning all kinds of loveliness from around the web, so here’s our little roundup!


SouthBound Sundays {10 Feb 2013} | SouthBound Bride

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Q&A with Anneli Marinovich

Good afternoon my dears, and a good afternoon it is when I get to introduce my readers to one of my very favourite industry people. Anneli Marinovich is a long-time supporter of the blog – she was one of our first sponsors and since then I have had the pleasure of getting to know Anneli both as a person (she’s lovely!) and as a businesswoman and photographer. And let me tell you, this girl is going places. Not only does Anneli shoot the most beautiful pictures that really capture the moment, but she’s super switched on, which has made working with her a pleasure. In fact, Anneli and I are currently working on a special project that I can’t wait to announce very soon! In the meanwhile, I thought it was high time I got my friend to answer a few questions for us. And remember – although Anneli is based in the UK as I am, she also shoots during the season in South Africa, and she’d love to hear from you!

Q&A with Anneli Marinovich | SouthBound BrideHi Anneli – thanks for joining us on SBB today! How did you get started as a photographer?
I’ve always enjoyed photography, especially travel and street photography and after we tied the knot in Cape Town in 2009, having had a wonderful experience with our own wedding photographer (Andre van Niekerk), I decided to look into wedding photography. I took an intensive course focusing on building a successful wedding photography business when we returned to the UK and realised that this was what I wanted to do… full time. I shot my first solo wedding in London in May 2010 and absolutely loved it. The decision to leave my full time job in advertising came in July 2011 after having shot weddings part-time for just over a year as well as second shooting with established wedding photographers, and I haven’t looked back since! Read more

Real Bridal Shower: Rustic Coral

Real Bridal Shower: Rustic Coral | SouthBound Bride

Happy Friday, friends! Later today we’ll be getting to know one of my favourite wedding peeps, but first, I’m super excited to share a lovely bridal shower sent in by photographer (and bridesmaid supreme) Alana Meyer. And here’s a really fun fact – part of the inspiration came from one of our very own boards! I just love that (and seeing how it evolved), and it shows that you don’t have to be planning a wedding to get ideas from SBB. I also love the way that Alana and co. really used the space they had – turning an outdoor area into the ultimate girly tea party location. It shows that throwing a party at home can be every bit as pretty as booking a fancy restaurant (and is a lot less hassle for set-up, as I know from personal experience!). But what I love most are the framed statements from the groom of what he loves most about his bride-to-be, which is pretty much my favourite shower idea in ages, and so easy to do! But enough from me – over to Alana to tell you all about it, from inspiration to reality. Read more

Real Wedding at Cabrières {Tana & Arlo}

Real Wedding at Cabrières {Tana & Arlo} | SouthBound Bride

Round these here parts, we love a bit of a French influence, and never more so than when it results in a pretty country wedding. Which is exactly what we have for you today – I’ve been dying to share this one with you ever since I was sent a link to Lauren Kriedemann‘s gorgeous photos. Tana and Arlo have an awesome story of how they met, and they chose to marry at the gorgeous Cabrières in Montagu, stringing bunting by the yard and filling their tables with proteas and blushing brides. I love their use of paper details, including flowers for the ladies, strings of birds and hearts, and even a wall of paper butterflies. It’s all so whimsical and delicious, and there’s even a beyond awesome getaway car! Enjoy… Read more

Coloured Wedding Dresses

Coloured Wedding Dresses | SouthBound Bride

Image: Michèle M. Waite via Elizabeth Anne Designs

A few weeks back, I gave my predictions for wedding trends in 2013, and today I’m exploring one of my favourite. Coloured wedding dresses have become a huge style crush for me, and it seems like just about every designer feels the same way. And why not? White dresses weren’t even a part of wedding tradition until Queen Victoria married in one in 1840, and they weren’t the norm until after the Second World War. Many brides simply wore their best dress, whatever the colour. So you shouldn’t feel obliged to wear a white gown, any more than you’re obliged to wear a veil. And as wedding dresses themselves move toward evening gown shapes and embellishments (and sometimes even actual evening gowns worn as wedding dresses), the field is wide open for you to wear something that really makes your heart sing. I think what I like most is that, unlike the coloured wedding dresses of the ’90s (which were mostly red and black and wrong all over), most of these combine soft whispers of colour with elegant flowing fabrics, resulting in all the romance of a white ballgown, but with a bit of extra zip. But it’s all very well to read this, and to see the dresses on the catwalk. What do coloured dresses really look like on real brides? Here’s a rainbow of loveliness to show you! Read more

Notebook Inspired Engagement Shoot

Notebook Inspired Engagement Shoot | SouthBound Bride

So, The Notebook. I have mixed feelings about this one, folks. Years ago, I read the novel as part of a book club and I HATED it. I mean, that last scene? Ew. I think I hated it so much I called up my friend at whatever time of night it was and ranted about it. I think I may have said that Nicholas Sparks had stolen several hours of my life. So I wasn’t exactly keen to see the film. But… you know, then I did. And Ryan Gosling was all, hey girl, and Rachel McAdams was all McAdamy, and it was so beautifully styled and okay, I admit it, I have it on DVD. Which might be one of the only times I will ever tell you that the film was way better than a novel. So when photographer Iz Labuschagne let me know that she had aNotebook-inspired engagement shoot to share, I got a little excited (especially since this one is one of my all-time faves). What I love about this is that the film is more of a loose influence rather than a theme – Chantel & Jon went for lovely vintage styling and it was shot in Cullinan in Gauteng, which is full of vintage shops and an old railway station, and they even included some old love letters, which is super appropriate. It just shows that taking styling inspiration from one of your favourite films can be a great place to start with your engagement shoot! (For more on movie-themed engagements, see here.) Read more

Marie Antoinette Rehearsal Dinner

Marie Antoinette Rehearsal Dinner | SouthBound Bride

So. I’ve written this introduction six times, and I keep going back and deleting the whole thing. Because, basically, I seem to have run out of words to tell you how thrilled I am with this feature. It’s a first – we’ve never done rehearsal dinners before – but it’s also completely unique AND it comes from one of our very own Real Life Brides. That’s right – Candice is a married woman, and she’s back to share a couple of pre-wedding events before we do the big reveal of the Big Day. For those of you who have followed along, Candice is our Marie Antoinette bride – she and fiancé Justin were in love with and inspired by everything to do with Versailles. They even found the perfect venue, Casa Labia in Cape Town, but unfortunately had to change plans when they realised it was too small for their party. Now, most people would just give it up, maybe go back for an anniversary, but not these two. Instead, they decided to kick off their wedding celebrations with a rehearsal dinner at the venue (read the whole story here). And they dressed up for it in custom made period costume. And they did a couple shoot beforehand. AND Candice wore an exquisite lace dress she bought from Etsy. AND they got Catherine Mac (whose photos make me covet every one of her weddings) to be there with her camera. You guys, it’s pretty much a wedding blogger’s dream, and this isn’t even the wedding! So sit back and enjoy every inspirational image – with more to come from Candice very soon. (Oh and psssst, you can see more of Catherine’s lovely pics over on her blog.) Read more