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Downloadable Worksheet: Bridesmaid’s Emergency Kit

Downloadable Worksheet: Bridesmaids Emergency Kit | SouthBound Bride

Source: Ilne & Herman by Heather Steyn 

Hello lovelies! I have something useful for you this evening, as many of you enter the final run up to your weddings. Something new I have been working on (in line with your recent requests for more practical posts) is downloadable worksheets (my educational publisher side coming out!). Those of you who subscribe to the newsletter will already know this, as you get first bite of the apple, but soon we’ll have a section for these on the website as well.

Downloadable Worksheet: Bridesmaids Emergency Kit | SouthBound Bride

Source: Tom and Marguerite

Today I’ve updated my popular bridesmaid’s emergency kit post to create a checklist that you can easily print off and give to you MoH, or use as a shopping list for yourself. Easy peasy!

Download the checklist here.

Downloadable Worksheet: Bridesmaids Emergency Kit | SouthBound Bride


PS For more awesome bridesmaid advice, check out this recent post.


Real Wedding at Kleinevalleij {Helmare & Len}

Real Wedding at Kleinevalleij {Helmare & Len} | SouthBound Bride

Get ready, lovelies, because the inspiration is about to start coming thick and fast today, on into the evening. Starting with this incredible wedding from Nastassja Harvey. That in itself is exciting, since I LOVE Tash’s crisp, clean style but for those of you who love a white on white colour scheme full of glamour and grace, this wedding will blow you away. It’s just beautifully put together. I think one of my favourite details (a small but effective one) is the way that the flowers are a twist on the recent ‘white flowers in different vintage containers’ trend. For a more modern look, Helmare & Len have gone for a variety of glass containers, with white flowers grouped according to type. It’s just so clean and fresh and lovely. Not to mention the custom dance floor, the elegant escort card board, or the cake and sweet table. Kleinevalleij really lends itself to this look, and co-ordinator Izandi of I Do has outdone herself on this one! Here we go… enjoy! (And don’t forget to keep checking back today so you don’t miss a thing!) Read more

DIY: Christmas Crackers

Hello friends! I have a breathtaking wedding coming up today, but first I wanted to share a DIY from our archives that’s become a bit of an SBB tradition. I love making my own crackers for the Christmas table, even if it is a bit time consuming and fiddly. But it really makes things special for your guests to have a gift you choose just for them and doubles up as a place setting. Plus, since I’m sadly not making it back to SA for the holiday season this year, these pics remind me of the last time I had Christmas lunch with my mom and dad. So enjoy, and pop back just after lunch for that wedding gorgeousness! PS All the materials below were picked up for a reasonable price from the CNA and a couple of other stores at the local mall.

DIY: Christmas Crackers | SouthBound Bride Read more

A Bride Abroad #4: The Stationery

A Bride Abroad #4: The Stationery | SouthBound Bride

They say the Devil’s in the details. I love love love the details. If one looks carefully, it is precisely the little things that make a wedding unique. We all have a version of the usual formula: a dress, a ceremony, a reception and then dancing till the lights go out. A wedding wouldn’t really be a wedding without these things. But it’s the little bits of prettiness captured in the DIYs and personal touches that make people go WOW!

To me, the stationery is a very important detail. It is an element which can be used to capture the style of your wedding from beginning to end. Starting with the invite, right through to your place cards and table numbers, the stationery is like a subtle undertone which binds everything together.

A Bride Abroad #4: The Stationery | SouthBound Bride Read more

Inspiration Board: Dolce Vita

Good morning friends! Today we have something a little different for our inspiration board. It’s no news to you that I’m a fan of Cape Town photographer Cheryl McEwan‘s work as we’ve been working together for some time, but I’m delighted to feature her as one of our Days of December sponsors. Since an image is worth a thousand words, I’ve trawled through Cheryl’s archive (the happiest of tasks, with her dreamy style and attention to detail) to come up with a brand new SBB inspiration board. Cheryl’s a keen traveller (in fact, her husband Sven proposed to her in the middle of their world travel adventure!) so although she is based in South Africa for much of the year, I wanted to pay tribute to that love of travel in my choice of theme. And I personally find nothing more inspiring than a little trip to Italy. I took the palette for this board from Cheryl’s pic from the Cinque Terre, the muted mishmash of Mediterranean colour, sun bleached walls and intricate detailing that immediately sets a warm, summery tone for a wedding. Use heavy urns and candelabras, with platters of fruit instead of flowers on the tables, and of course plenty of wine! This makes me think of long Sunday afternoons and long tables, family, friends, laughter. All those things that make an Italian feast, a sweet life, and a beautiful wedding. Head over to Cheryl’s blog to see more of her gorgeous photography, including weddings, couple shoots and some personal travel gems.

Inspiration Board: Dolce Vita | SouthBound Bride

Contact Cheryl McEwan:
Twitter: @CherylMcEwan_

SBB ♥ Cheryl McEwan Photography, a featured member of our Directory

Inspiration Board: Dolce Vita | SouthBound Bride

Inspiration Board: Dolce Vita | SouthBound Bride


Q&A with My World Creations

Good morning, friends! As you may have picked up by now, I’m passionate about the South African wedding industry, and for the last while I’ve made it my mission to connect couples with great suppliers. I know that sometimes those small business owners with limited advertising budgets have a difficult time, but that doesn’t mean you want to know about them any less, right? So a few weeks ago I launched a promotion called the Days of December, and I’ll be introducing you to a whole family of new blog friends throughout this month in a series of posts. We’re all working hard to make sure this isn’t about boring old adverts, but rather the same high quality editorial content you expect from SBB. You can find all of the suppliers here through the month, but today, we’re meeting the first: Craig of My World Creations, a videographer from Port Elizabeth. I’m always hearing from brides how not getting a videographer is their one regret, so it’s always great to come across someone who can produce something beautiful to complement your photography. Craig has spent some time answering my questions about his business and his advice for brides and grooms, and sharing some of My World Creations‘ gorgeous videos with you today!

Q&A with My World Creations | SouthBound BrideHi Craig – thanks so much for chatting with us! Tell me a bit about your company…
My World Creations was established in 2007. At the moment, we are a two man team with myself concentrating on the editing and the main camera work. I have chosen to specialize in video because of the medium’s “story telling” ability. I feel that there are so many little moments and feelings that pass us by that cannot and should not only be captured by a photograph. I love to capture the essence of how the day felt.

How did you get started in videography?
I got started totally by accident, actually. When looking for a career change about eight years ago a friend asked if I did not want to help him with some video work on the side. With that the bug bit and I knew that this was something I wanted to pursue. Read more

Inspiration Board: Zen Neutrals

Ah Friday. A thing of beauty. But before we all head off for the evening, I have another reader request inspiration board to share with you. This one came from a bride and groom – Andreas and Melanie – which is a first for me (love an involved groom!). They’ve chosen to have a simple, intimate wedding in McGregor at a fab venue I hadn’t come across before, Temenos, and are planning on a gorgeously subtle palette of silvery grey and earth tones. They want to create something casual but ceremonial, well-balanced spiritually and materially. I immediately thought back to this memorable wedding I featured a few months ago, including the bonsai trees that were on the tables (a simple, relatively hassle free, but very effective centrepiece that you can then give away or use in your home). I also loved the long tables and rustic Scandinavian feel of this wedding, including a teepee and a branch chandelier. Stone, feathers and wood are three more natural textures that add a bit of zen-like balance (as well as contemporary chic) to proceedings, and for an intimate wedding I really like the idea of lots of candles, creating an intimate glow. Dress bridesmaids in silvery grey goddess dresses, stick with creamy flowers, and use minimalist stationery. Finally, for an extra bit of zen, why not have your ceremony in the round? This is sure to be a beautiful wedding for a low maintenance couple – hope you like your board Andreas and Melanie!

Colours: Grey, taupe, stone, mocha

Inspiration Board: Zen Neutrals | SouthBound Bride

Top row (l-r): Dessert table {Oh, How Charming!/Mindy Rice Floral and Event Design/Aaron Delesie}; bridesmaid dress; balsa wood bouquet {Stephanie Williams}; stone candles; bride and groom {Iz Photography}
Row 2: Buddha; branch chandelier {Kate McLuckie}; bonsai centrepiece {Picture Me & U}; stationery
Row 3: Feathers {Arrow & Apple}; bonsai centrepieces {Picture Me & U}; ceremony in the round {Caroline + Ben}; white peacock.

Inspiration Board: Zen Neutrals | SouthBound Bride


The SBB 2012 Reader’s Survey: Feedback

Hello lovelies! This afternoon I thought I would share (finally) some feedback from the 2012 readers’ survey. First of all, a HUGE thank you to all of you who participated – I really appreciate your time and effort! Relaunching the blog in May was scary, and it has been so amazing not just to see the numbers grow but to hear from you what the site means to you as well. Your responses really do make a difference – they show myself (and my sponsors) how to help you, where things could be improved, and what to do more of. So again, THANK YOU. Right, here we go!

The SBB 2012 Readers Survey: Feedback | SouthBound Bride Read more

Wedding at Cascade Country Manor {Emma & Steve}

Wedding at Cascade Country Manor {Emma & Steve} | SouthBound Bride

Recently I’ve been featuring a number of fabulous alternative or more intimate venues, and today I have another. Cascade Manor is situated in lovely Paarl, and as well as having 900 olive trees on the property, features a beautiful waterfall – what a setting! Today’s bride and groom came from Tanzania for their big day, and together with planner Barry Geyer, created a look that was sumptuous and elegant, but still had bright pops of colour to keep up the visual interest. Moira West took the absolutely gorgeous photos, and didn’t Emma and Steve rock every one of them? With him in his slick suit and she in her romantic dress and hot pink shoes, it was difficult to narrow them down. But narrow I did, and here they are for your viewing pleasure! Read more

Twinkle Twinkle

Twinkle Twinkle | SouthBound Bride

I hate Christmas lights. Said no one, ever. Because seriously, who doesn’t love a good string o’ lights? I know I do. In fact, the first time I saw the tree at Rockefeller Centre in New York, I almost passed out with delight. And the second, and the third. (I liked that tree a LOT.) Admittedly, actually getting them wound around a tree I am less a fan of (cue: annual family tree argument) but once they’re up, twinkling away, there’s nothing quite like it. Maybe that’s why fairy lights/ twinkle lights/potato/potahtoe are always such an exciting component of wedding decor – maybe they remind us of things magical and childlike. Or maybe we all just like shiny stuff. Whatever the cause, it’s coming on Christmas, and I feel like looking at some sparklies, so today’s post is sheer fairy light indulgence. Some of these babies go big on quantity, but they’re also big on impact and romance. Lights transform an outdoor area into an intimate evening space, or warm up a winter wedding, or create an illusion of height, or just add that extra bit of wow. Hang them in strings, wind them around trees, hang them vertically from the ceiling. Create a wall of light, or a curtain, or a path. But whatever you do, take a few moments to drink them in – the hundred tiny stars shining just for you. Read more