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Peplum Wedding Dresses

Peplum Wedding Dresses | SouthBound Bride

It’s funny how fashion totally changes your taste, isn’t it? And then changes it again. Back when I was 12, I was head over heels in love with a dress my mom ended up buying me from Woolies: it was black and electric blue, with a dropped waist, made of shiny watermark taffeta that ruffled when you walked, had an off the shoulder ruffle and a niiiice net rose to finish it off. God, it was hideous. But at the time, which for the record, was the late ’80s, I thought it made me look awesome. Just a few years later, I wouldn’t have been seen dead in it. And the way fashion goes, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day (gulp) I look at something similar and think it looks good again. (Note to future self: NO.) The nice thing is that when trends come round again, they often do it in a gentler, subtler way. And so it is with peplums. I want to hate them, I really do, but then I look at how flattering they are, and what a difference it makes when they’re made with wedding dress materials, like floaty lace or tulle, and how many of the top designers are including them in their collections, and I have to admit, I like them. So I thought I would round up some of my favourites. Just to prove to myself, once and for all, that you can wear these without looking like a wedding version of Day to Night Barbie. Yup, they’re definitely pretty. Read more

Kate Spade: A Love Letter

I’m not going to lie, this might be one of my most self-indulgent posts ever. Especially since Kate Spade isn’t actually available in South Africa just yet. But what can I say, it’s an excellent excuse to start sucking up to whichever friend/relative/co-worker you know who might be going to Europe or the States before your wedding to get them to bring you a pair, because Kate’s shoes are MADE for weddings. The perfect mix of classic and cute, they all also have that extra little something, which often just happens to be a bit of sparkle, and as you guys know, I am kind of obsessed with a touch of sparkle. It never looks prettier than on a bride’s feet, even when there’s no other glitter in an otherwise traditional palette. So it’s no wonder that so many brides opt for Kate, and that everytime they do, their shoe pics get Pinned a zillion times over. Feel free to do just that with all of these lovelies. ;)

The ‘classic’ Kate Spade wedding shoe is the Charm slingback, which comes in black, gold, silver and a bright multicolour glitter. One day, these shoes WILL BE MINE. (But just in case you want something slightly different, try the Claudia, which comes in similar colours and just has a different bow detail.)

Kate Spade: A Love Letter | SouthBound Bride Read more

Real Wedding at Rockhaven {Liana & Chris}

Real Wedding at Rockhaven {Liana & Chris} | SouthBound Bride

It’s a very special day here on SouthBound Bride when we get to share the wedding of one of our friends, and I feel like that’s what today’s bride has become. Not just to me, but to all of us who have followed along with her story through our Real Life Bride series. Liana’s been our ‘bride abroad’, planning her South African wedding from Europe as so many of you do, gathering inspiration from some of our home country’s top suppliers and dreaming up the perfect mix of rustic and classic wedding loveliness. I’ve been dying to see her beautiful pictures from the fab dna photographers – they were just as heartfelt and lovely as I was expecting, and now I finally get to share them with you! Vair, vair exciting. So here we go! And just in case you missed any of it, you can follow Liana’s complete wedding journey right here. Read more

My Top 5 Pins {The Pretty Blog}

My Top 5 Pins {The Pretty Blog} | SouthBound Bride

Afternoon, lovelies! It’s time for the next in my mini series of guest posts from some of my favourite wedding pinners and bloggers – hasn’t it been fun to see what’s inspiring them? Today’s guest probably needs no introduction, since she’s one half of one of South Africa’s most successful blogging teams. Nicola Pretorius started The Pretty Blog with Christine Meintjes at around the same time that I started blogging, and over email, Twitter and cake and coffee in London and Stellenbosch, I’ve got to know both of them and admire their creative, entrepreneurial spirits. Nicola is the editorial half of the team, and is super stylish and lovely in person – it’s no wonder that she’s provided so many South African women with inspiration for their big day and beyond. As you may know, TPB recently relaunched with an amazing new look and feel, with dedicated sections for travel, food & wine, kids & family, home & style and of course, weddings. It’s an awesome achievement and an exciting time for the team, and I’m thrilled that Nicola took some time from her schedule to be here today sharing her favourite pins. Needless to say, if you’re not following her on social media and Pinterest already, do! And if you haven’t already, check out the new site (but make yourself a cup of coffee and switch off the phone first, because you’ll get lost for a couple of hours at least!)

My Top 5 Pins {The Pretty Blog} | SouthBound Bride Read more

Inspiration Board: Mint & Lilac

There’s just something about purple palettes that I love, don’t you think? They really are just so pretty. And today’s is no exception. Lilac, lavender and mint make a great combination on their own, but when you add a bit of grey and a touch of silver sparkle, as well as a little dash of vintage, it’s just made for a wedding day. The cheese cake you may recognise from our roundup last week – I absolutely adore this one – but I also love the jumble of hanging bird cages, the mix and match bridesmaids, and the bride’s hair and gorgeous grey dress. I can just imagine how this would look in real life. The other great thing about this palette is that it’s so versatile – I could imagine this for spring, summer… and with a few tiny tweaks, autumn and winter too. What do you think?

Colour: Mint, lavender, lilac, grey & silver

Inspiration Board: Mint & Lilac | SouthBound Bride

Top row (l-r): Bridesmaid bouquet {Elisa B Photography/Amore Events by Cody/Sugar Magnolias}; lavender boutonniere {KT Merry/Sara Jean Events}; cheese wedding cake {Aaron Delesie/Laura Gresham Events/}; lace dress {Oh, How Charming/Braedon Photography}; bicycle
Row 2: Bride in grey dress {Joielala Photographie}; cocktail {Tim Halberg}; silver glitter shoes {Paperwhites Photography}; flowers in vase; hanging birdcages
Row 3: Bride & bridesmaids {Pam Cooley Photography}; place setting {Elisa B.}; lavender letterpress {Satsuma Press}; macaroons.


Wedding Dresses for Pear Shaped Brides

Wedding Dresses for Pear Shaped Brides | SouthBound Bride

Today we’re starting a new series, looking at how to buy a wedding dress that suits your body shape. I’m always a bit dubious of body shape stuff (mostly because the things they say for mine are usually nonsense) and I do think that the best thing you can do is to try on lots of dresses and have a chat with the ladies who work at dress shops, because they really know their stuff. But with that said, I think it’s a good idea to have a starting point. You want to look your very best on your wedding day, and the good news is, whatever your shape, there’s a dress (or several) out there that will make you look like a superstar. It’s all about emphasizing your best features and playing a bit of visual trickery to draw the eye towards them. We’re starting today with pear or triangle shape brides – a really common shape, and one which is pretty much made for a wedding dress! And as long as you avoid the wrong type of dress, the answer is no, your bum won’t look big in this. ;)

Wedding Dresses for Pear Shaped Brides | SouthBound Bride Read more

Colour Story: Toile & Rose

Hey lovelies! Following my feature of the Toile & Rose shoot this morning, I wanted to take another look at the Toile & Rose suite created for us by The Invitation Gallery. Canvas Stationery Boutique did a brilliant job in interpreting the inspiration board that started it all…

Colour Story: Toile & Rose | SouthBound Bride

Full inspiration board credits here

I might have mentioned this before, but I LOVE it! And along with the suggestions I gave earlier for recreating the French country look at your own wedding, I’ve put together some pretty toile items to inspire. Now, obviously, you are not going to use EVERYTHING toile in a wedding design – as with all prints, less is definitely more! But there are some really pretty touches, from bridesmaid gifts to fabric (with a South African twist, nogal) and even a to-die-for Claire Pettibone toile de jouy wedding dress. Dying over that one!

Colour Story: Toile & Rose | SouthBound Bride Read more

How to Create a Toile & Rose Wedding

How to Create a Toile & Rose Wedding | SouthBound Bride

Hello lovelies! Today we’re not featuring a wedding, but instead a shoot that was styled by little ol’ me, and that I am still so in love with even though it was put together over a year ago. In that time, it’s had a huge spread in SA wedding magazine, Wedding Inspirations, and been featured on two of my all-time favourite blogs, Magnolia Rouge and b.loved. I consciously don’t style a lot of shoots, and it’s been an honour to have those I have done featured so widely. So you may have seen Toile & Rose in one of these places before. But I thought it was high time I showcased the shoot here on SBB, along with my top tips for recreating the look for your own wedding. Read more

How to Style a Cheese Wedding Cake

How to Style a Cheese Wedding Cake | SouthBound Bride

I don’t know about you, but I love cheese wedding cakes – they’re by far my favourite alternative to the traditional wedding cake. It’s not just the abundance of delicious cheese (cheese!) but the fact that they can be so prettily styled. Fruit, crackers, edible flowers, herbs, drizzled honey, ribbon and of course different varieties, colours and shapes of cheeses can make each cake look unique and work to suit just about any wedding style. Plus, it’s easy to put this together yourself (see our cheese wedding cake DIY instructions here). Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a big fan of actual cake, but it doesn’t suit all couples and I think it’s great that nowadays people don’t feel pressured to spend a fortune on something they don’t want to eat themselves. A few weeks ago we looked at dessert table alternatives, but today I thought I would round up 20 gorgeous examples of cheese towers to give you style inspiration! Which is your favourite? Oh and PS, you can see more of the latest cheese wedding cake looks on our special Pinterest board. Read more

Real Garden Wedding {Kerry & Adam}

Real Garden Wedding {Kerry & Adam} | SouthBound Bride

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times. I love details at weddings (make that LOVE in capital letters) but the details that really light up a wedding are the ones that come from the heart. Well, today’s wedding is ALL about personal significance. From the ceremony venue (a labyrinth built by the bride’s grandfather in her family garden – how amazing is that?) to a beautiful bouquet ceremony, to an intimate picnic dinner, it’s chock-full of ideas that were thought out for their significance and connection to family and friends. I can only imagine what a wonderful, memorable celebration it must have been, but luckily we have Lauren Kriedemann‘s gorgeous pics to inspire us. Ah garden weddings! How I do love them! Read more