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Indian Fusion Helderfontein Estate Wedding by Jack and Jane Photography {Manisha & Martin}

Indian Fusion Helderfontein Estate Wedding by Jack and Jane Photography {Manisha & Martin} | SouthBound Bride

We’re heading towards the end of our first week back at work, and our first week of 2014 wedding loveliness here on SBB – how has it been for you? I must say, I am full of excitement at what the year has in store (of course, it makes a difference that for the first time in years I’m in the sunshine instead of braving the January cold in London!). And just wait until you see the weddings I am lining up for you in the weeks to come – as my Dad would joke, “you’ll daaah”. But today we’re all about Martin and Manisha’s cross-cultural celebration, and I absolutely adore the rich winter berry colours that they chose. And Manisha’s bridal style – WOW. I especially love how she’s paired all the intricacy of her jewellery and her sari and that insanely gorgeous henna with a simple, elegant bouquet of calla lilies. SBB fave Laura Jane Photography was there to capture every gorgeous image, telling the story of the day from beginning to beautiful end. Read more

Beaded Wedding Gowns

Beaded Wedding Gowns | SouthBound Bride

I’m not going to give you much of an intro today, except to say that this post is pretty much unadulterated p*rn. Dress p*rn, that is. Beaded gowns have to be some of the most incredibly beautiful ones on the market at the moment (as well as one of 2014′s loveliest trends), from Gatsby-esque art deco sheaths to beaded cap sleeve details to portrait backs to fully beaded fantasy gowns, they take my breath away. Let’s get swoony. Read more

Chic, Unique Glenbrae Studio Wedding by Jules Morgan {Naomi & Willem}

Chic, Unique Glenbrae Studio Wedding by Jules Morgan {Naomi & Willem} | SouthBound Bride

Goodness but I’ve been looking forward to sharing this wedding with you all! From the minute I spotted Naomi and Willem’s modern wedding on photographer Jules Morgan‘s blog, I was in love – every little detail is so personal, so fun and so completely unique that I ended up with a bumper crop of pictures. I’m in LOVE with the idea of their escort cards being attached to little paper replicas of houses and buildings that have meant something to their relationship, not to mention the fortune cookies at each place setting, the art they created themselves around favourite quotes (perfect for an art gallery venue) and replicated in the custom calendars that were given to all the ladies as gifts. And Naomi’s dress! In fact, I adore her whole look, from the sash that ties the dress, to her lace gloves, to her tied veil. I could rattle on, but that’s not what you’re here for, is it? So go on, enjoy the lovely :) Read more

Game Farm Engagement

Game Farm Engagement | SouthBound Bride

Right off the bat, I’m going to say this might be my favourite e-shoot ever. Louise Vorster‘s dreamy pics of Liné & Johan are just exquisite, and the whole thing took place in the African bushveld, which is my best place in the world. With some beautiful giraffes grazing elegantly in the background, a curious kudu, and lots of love and laughter between the couple, it may be the ultimate SouthBound engagement. Thanks so much for sharing, Louise! Read more

Coral Watercolour Stellenrust Estate Wedding by Moira West {Carla & Jeremy}

Coral Watercolour Stellenrust Estate Wedding by Moira West {Carla & Jeremy} | SouthBound Bride

Morning, lovelies! It’s time for our first real wedding of 2014, huzzah! In the spirit of the new year, regular readers will notice we’ve had a little makeover (the ice cream parlour look, as I like to think of it) – this year we’ll be making some bigger changes to our look, but this is just a little freshen up. What do you think? I’ve also added some new features, and modified others – the biggest change to come will be in our supplier directory, but more on that soon. We’re also trying a new format for the wedding posts to reflect a few changes in the questionnaire I send real brides. SBB is always working to give readers a better experience, and I’d love to hear your feedback. ANYWAY, back to today’s wedding, and I can’t think of any that I’d rather start the year with than this coral watercolour dream from Moira West. Carla and Jeremy make such a gorgeous couple, and their wedding ‘brand’ was sweet and modern and romantic, complementing ombre lace bridesmaid dresses with hanging lanterns, soft and simple white blooms, and an amazing portrait back wedding dress, as well as fun touches like a wedding bingo game for guests to complete. Start as you mean to go on, right? It’s going to be a VERY pretty year :) Read more

Ruby Bride #4: Marriage Decisions

Ruby Bride #4: Marriage Decisions | SouthBound Bride

I’m getting married in a month and, I’ll be honest, I’m nervous.

It’s not that I’ve got cold feet. Quite the opposite! I’m so ready to marry this phenomenal man of mine. It’s just that my only lifelong commitment so far has been my legal obligation to pay my TV Licence. This is a much bigger step!

Gideon and I have been fortunate to attend of series of pre-marital counselling sessions with our church. I’m grateful for the lessons we’ve learned through these sessions from wiser couples who have been married many happy years. Lessons like the importance of making decisions together and being an attentive listener.

Despite these lessons, there are some things we need to figure out ourselves, on our own terms. Since the day we got engaged there’s a particular topic I’ve struggled with: the surname change. Read more

Fairytale Bride #4: The Bridesmaids

Fairytale Bride #4: The Bridesmaids | SouthBound Bride

As I’ve mentioned before, our wedding style is dreamy, magical and romantic, with whimsical and delicate DIY touches everywhere…all in a rustic chic setting surrounded by natural beauty and little touches of sparkly glamour.

I want my bridesmaids to definitely be one of those touches of sparkly glamour! Not only are they four beautiful brunettes but are also fun-loving ladies and can represent that element in the wedding. We need that element in amongst all that dreamy romance.

Fairytale Bride #4: The Bridesmaids | SouthBound Bride Read more

Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2014: Radiant Orchid

Pantones Colour of the Year 2014: Radiant Orchid | SouthBound Bride

Image source: Kate Triano Photography via Capitol Romance

Hello lovelies (and especially hello new SouthBound brides!). Mondays are when we typically debut a brand new inspiration board, but with this being a new year, we have a bit of a bonus. Every year, we celebrate the newest Pantone colour of the year around this time, and this year it’s the gorgeously named “Radiant Orchid”. At first I was a little surprised that this one cracked the nod, being that I think blue is going to be huge in 2014, but once I started working with it, I totally understood. The thing about radiant orchid is that it has all the brightening qualities of a fuschia, the deepening qualities of purple or indigo, and the calm romance of lilac. To me, the Business Mirror described it best: “More lush than lilac, more sophisticated than pink and more rapturous than purple… more sedate than mauve and softer than plum”. Basically, if pink or purple have featured in your colour scheme dreams, then radiant orchid is the perfect, modern alternative. Read more

Wedding Trends for 2014

I love new year, don’t you? It’s a time for renewal and perspective, and it’s also a chance to dream about the year ahead. Here on the blog, that means our annual rundown of the hottest trends in weddings. I love doing this yearly post, and seeing all the trends unfold and be reinterpreted and gain surprising new twists throughout the year. And as I looked back at last year’s post today, it was fab to see that not only had this happened in 2013, but that there was so much mileage still in the trends I called – I still think 2014 will have loads of lovely coloured wedding dresses, portrait lace backs, mixed prints, copper and brass details, and lasercut, for example. So if you’ve just got engaged, be sure to check out the 2013 roundup for even more ideas to add to these ones. But for now, it’s in with the new!

Wedding Trends for 2014 | SouthBound Bride

Bryce Covey via Once Wed (left); Julie Cate Photography via 100 Layer Cake (centre); Elizabeth Messina/Claire Pettibone via Wedding Chicks (right)

1. Wedding dresses: beading, cap sleeves, long sleeves Read more

Welcome to SouthBound Bride

Welcome to SouthBound Bride | SouthBound Bride

Image source: Anneli Marinovich on SBB

One of the best things about a new year is that we get to welcome a whole new crowd of friends to SouthBound Bride, so if you’re one of the lucky lovers who got engaged this holiday season and are visiting us for the first time, this post is for you! Welcome! I’m so happy to meet you! You’re no doubt still basking in the glow of your proposal and of changing your Facebook status to ‘engaged’, and gazing lovingly between your future spouse and your brand new engagement ring and pinching yourself to see if it’s real. You may also be having a minor panic – omigodiactuallyhavetoorganiseaweddingnow, right? Well, worry not, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out not only what you’ll find on SBB, but how to take your first steps in wedding planning with confidence.

Psst! Why not share an engagement pic with us? Use the hashtag #southboundbridetobe on Twitter or Instagram :) Read more