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SouthBound Sundays {9 March 2014}

Hello my lovelies! How has your weekend been? I have been busily working away launching our new directory and getting the posts ready for next week so that I can outwit those darn load shedding blackouts, and better yet so that I can take a long weekend off from Thursday – heading to Plett with my girls from high school and I can.not. WAIT! But I had to stop by and remind you of the goodness that we saw on the blog this week as well as the goodness around the web!


SouthBound Sundays {9 March 2014} | SouthBound Bride Read more

Introducing the New SBB Directory…

Introducing the New SBB Directory... | SouthBound Bride

For the last few weeks, I have been working madly behind the scenes on one of my projects for 2014 – new and improved directory pages ! The Directory on SBB has been there from the beginning and included suppliers from the real weddings that have been featured, but as we’ve grown, I haven’t always been able to keep up with them properly. I didn’t feel like they were doing their job well enough. Also, while we’ve had featured suppliers for a while, I often felt that aside from clicking through links yourself, you didn’t really have the chance to ENGAGE with those suppliers. Because you want to work with people that you like and relate to right? Not just people whose work you admire, although that too of course. I’m absolutely passionate about connecting brides and grooms with the incredible talented wedding pros in South Africa, and I started looking for a better way to do that. SO… I’m delighted to say that from today, we’re rolling out the brand new directory pages. You’ll notice a new design, but more importantly, you’ll find a curated collection of on-the-ball service providers who are looking forward to helping make your wedding day amazing, and better still, you can spend some time getting to know them and their work.

Introducing the New SBB Directory... | SouthBound Bride

How does it work?
Navigation is much like it was before – from the main directory page you can click through to the location and category you want to see. There you’ll find two sets of listings – our featured providers (think of them as the A List) at the top, and below them, even more fantastic supplier suggestions. When you click on a featured supplier, you’ll be taken to their full listing, which looks like this…

Introducing the New SBB Directory... | SouthBound Bride

My favourite part is the little Q&A, which allows you to get to know the wedding pro, in their own words. Another feature of the new directory is that we’re highlighting portfolios – most of our featured service providers have been on SBB before, and it’s now SUPER easy to click through and have a look at the weddings and other features that have included their work. You’ll also be seeing little portfolio buttons pop up in our wedding features, that will also take you straight to each supplier’s SBB portfolio with one click, like this one:

Introducing the New SBB Directory... | SouthBound Bride

Why are there only service providers from the Cape and Gauteng listed?
SBB is for ALL South African brides and grooms – as I mentioned, this is a soft roll out, so we’ll be adding in the other provinces and suppliers very soon as those sections are completed. If you’re a vendor in another part of the country and you’d like to be listed, do get in touch!

I’m a wedding pro. How do I get listed?
Whether you were on the old directory listing pages or not, we’d love to hear from you! You’ll need to get in touch with us to re-register for the new and improved directory. Email for details and prices.

Over the next few days, we’ll be giving big shoutouts and welcomes to the awesome service providers who have joined SBB’s Directory so far, so look out for them on Facebook and Twitter. In the meantime, click here to see the new directory so far!


Illusion Neckline & Statement Back Bridesmaid Dresses

Illusion Neckline & Statement Back Bridesmaid Dresses | SouthBound Bride

We’re continuing our busy Friday with a look at one of my FAVOURITE bridesmaid trends of the moment. Actually, this one started as a wedding dress trend, but good news girls, illusion necklines and statement or portrait back dresses are now for bridesmaids too! There’s just no denying how pretty these are, and how gorgeous and sophisticated they will make your bridesmaids feel. Plus, win, they look GREAT in photos! I think we’ll be seeing lots more of these this season, but today I’ve rounded up some of my favourite looks so far. Read more

DIY Paper Plane Drink Stirrers

DIY Paper Plane Drink Stirrers | SouthBound Bride

Morning lovelies! We have a busy day here on SBB, as Telkom and Eskom put paid to some of my well-laid plans this week, but all the better to fill up your Friday with pretty. We’re kicking things off with a little bit of DIY goodness. BY FAR the most popular theme in weddings (if you could call it that, since it isn’t necessarily all themey) is travel. Every time I write about it on SBB, it gets a ton of hits and frankly, I love writing about it since travel theme design often includes some of my favourite things – air mail stripes, vintage stamps and postcards, maps, globes, hot air balloons… and paper planes. I’ve been wanting to do a couple of travel theme DIYs for a while, and I thought I would kick things off with a little something for cocktail hour. This DIY is super, super easy. If you can fold paper and use glue, you can make these. They make an adorable little detail for your pre-drinks, and you can just as easily use the same DIY (with toothpicks instead of full size skewers) as cupcake or even cake toppers. Read more

Pigs & Pastels Hartford House Wedding by Knot Just Pictures {Micky & Brandon}

Pigs & Pastels Hartford House Wedding by Knot Just Pictures {Micky & Brandon} | SouthBound Bride

Pigs and pastels – I never thought I’d be introducing a piggy themed wedding, I must admit! But what I love about Micky and Brandon’s unusual theme is that it’s part of their personal story (it relates to Brandon’s nickname), and was a way of making sure that the wedding was a representation of both their styles and personalities. And I’ll bet it got some fond laughs from those who know and love them best when they discovered it! Micky cleverly mixed the motif with her own love of vintage, and the result is a mixture of English garden and English pub, with lush pastel florals all over the tables and those cheeky piggies making their appearances on table napkins, menus, etc. And can we just take a second to talk about Micky’s illusion lace wedding dress? WOW. It’s a showstopper. Definitely not a look every bride could carry off, but it fits her like a glove, and she looks amazing! I also love how the dress adds an extra element of couture and sophistication to the overall look. Knot Just Pics were there to capture every lovely moment and every unique detail, beautifully. Read more

Burlap & Wildflower Gourmet Shed Wedding by Kim Tracey & Rensche Mari {Rene & Tiaan}

Burlap & Wildflower Gourmet Shed Wedding by Kim Tracey & Rensche Mari {Rene & Tiaan} | SouthBound Bride

I have SUCH a lovely farm wedding to share with you this afternoon! First of all, it has the kind of spectacular mountains and veld setting that makes my South African heart sing, and the kind of details that makes my wedding blogger eyes glitter! Perfectly mismatched (and stylishly neutral) bridesmaids, burlap runners with custom stamping, proteas, succulents and little wildflowers in milk bottles and vintage South African brand tins, kraft paper flags, a swishy lace wedding dress, and a thousand fairy lights twinkling against the night sky. Rustic farm wedding perfection. The photography glory today is shared between the lovely Kim Tracey, who took the images on behalf of Rensche Mari (who also did all the post production in her trademark, beautiful style). Read more

Delft Blue Glenshiel Wedding by Laurentia E. Photography {Elena & Liam}

Delft Blue Glenshiel Wedding by Laurentia E. Photography {Elena & Liam} | SouthBound Bride

Oh be still my Delft-loving heart! From the minute that an email from the lovely Laurentia E. landed in my inbox, I was head over heels in love with Elena and Liam’s stylish blue and white Delft-themed wedding design. This is a theme (or a motif rather) that I have been talking about for a while now, and the couple (together with By Word of Mouth) has pulled it off perfectly – beautiful feature plates on white linen, patterned vases full of white, blue and purple flowers, silver accents, lasercut table names, hanging Delft panels, and a blue and white check dancefloor. It’s all SO GORGEOUS. And on a personal note, I have to say that I have extra love for Elena & Liam’s wedding because they were married at the beautiful Rosebank Catholic Church, which is not only where my own mom and dad were married, but where my dear friends Ros and Jean were too. So here’s wishing Elena and Liam the same longevity and happiness that has blessed both of those marriages :) Read more

Bicycle Bride #4: The Decor

Bicycle Bride #4: The Decor | SouthBound Bride

Pinterest is an amazing tool when planning your wedding. The possibilities and inspiration are endless and it’s highly unlikely that the virtual pin board won’t have at least a few images or posts on something you’ve entered in its search engine.

However, Pinterest can be highly addictive, and when it comes to wedding planning, it’s not always a good thing. I’ve had more than a year to decide on my decor elements for the wedding (I say “my”, because Du Toit is not interested in decor at all, and the few inputs he did try to make made no sense to me, and were thus instantly discarded…) and yet it is only now, three weeks before the big day, that I can finally say that I’ve decided on the decor for the wedding.

See, I’ve been on Pinterest practically every evening since we got engaged, and my real Pinterest board (I’ve only shared my board with shortlisted ideas) is out of control with more than 600 images! I literally changed my mind at least every week, with the result that I now have to scramble to get things done in time. Confessions of a Last Minute Crammer!

Bicycle Bride #4: The Decor | SouthBound Bride Read more

Inspiration Board: Wedgwood & Wildflower

Happy Monday, lovelies! It’s time for our weekly inspiration board, and today I am singin’ the blues. But the good kind. The kind that makes me think 2014 is the year that Something Blue becomes more than part of a motto for the bride. Now, don’t get me wrong, blue goes beautifully with many other colours, but lately I find myself drawn to the cool freshness that an all-blue palette can bring, especially when it combines a couple of interesting shades. It’s preppy and formal enough for a wedding, but bright and interesting too. I fell in love with the bouquet in this board from the second I saw it, and I adore how it mixes casual and formal, as well as two shades of blue with classic white. I thought it would make a great palette, but it wasn’t until I came across some lovely Wedgwood details that it came together – again, it’s the mix of formal and classic with a laid-back modern aspect that makes this so winning in my book! It really is the best of both worlds.

Colours: Cornflower blue, baby blue & white

Inspiration Board: Wedgwood & Wildflower | SouthBound Bride

Top row (l-r): Bouquet {Lisa Vorce/Kate Holt/Jose Villa}; bride {Virgil Bunao/Ooh Events}; monogram handkerchief {Bella Grace Studios/Allure Events}; shoes {Graham Terhune Photography}
Row 2: Wedgwood cookies; bridesmaids {Emily Steffen}; dress with monogram embroidery
Row 3: Invitation suite; wedding table {Carmen & Ingo/Doreen Winking}; flowers.


Q&A with Dana LaRue {The Broke-Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide}

Q&A with Dana LaRue {The Broke Ass Brides Wedding Guide} | SouthBound Bride

I promised that I would be back today to chat with Dana LaRue, the original Broke-Ass Bride, and author of The Broke-Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide. Which, by the way, is an awesome little book (and nobody paid me to say that). If you read her blog, you’ll already know all about Dana’s witty and chilled-out take on wedding planning, which takes a lot of the stress out of planning according to a budget. Earlier I shared an extract from The Broke-Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide, and this afternoon I have an exclusive behind-the-scenes Q&A with the author herself.

Hi Dana, thanks so much for chatting to SouthBound Bride today! For readers who may not yet know you and, how did you get started as a wedding blogger?
I was newly engaged to my first husband, and reading a lot of blogs for inspiration. However, none of them really spoke to my situation, specifically. Most budget advice was limiting, rather than empowering: invite less guests, or just serve a buffet, etcetera. I have a huge family and really wanted to do it my way. So I started writing the blog, partly as a creative outlet, partly as a place to sort of record my journey for my own posterity, and partly in case it might help another bride like me. But I never dreamed it would blossom into something so big, or the opportunity to write a book! That was all just a very happy accident, for which I’m grateful every day! Read more