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Real Wedding at Kleinevalleij {Alicia & Stefan}

Real Wedding at Kleinevalleij {Alicia & Stefan} | SouthBound Bride

Glitter, y’all! The magic word to get a girl excited. And actually quite an appropriate one for me today, because for the last couple of weeks that’s exactly what I have been on the hunt for. Let’s just say, I figured out why I get so many queries about glitter bridesmaid dresses from South Africa. Sequins may be everywhere in the UK, but I’ve been hard pressed to find the outfit I had in mind for my latest portrait shoot (taking place as you read this, eek!). In the end, I stumbled into YDE, which I have to say is the last place I thought I would find what I wanted. Last time I was there, I was a skinny 21 year old, and even so, I don’t think those dresses would have fitted on one thigh. I just assumed it was for very tiny, very young people, but today it turned out to be a surprise shopping success. So it made sense to see that today’s gold-loving bride also dressed some of her sequin-clad bridesmaids in YDE dresses – and they look amazing, as does the rest of the glimmering decor. I know the time will come when I’ll get sick of this trend, but for now, it still makes me get all swoony, especially when paired with a touch of lace and a splash of duck egg blue. Get ready for some really beautiful pictures from the talented Adene Photography, one of the cutest pups ever, and an all-round wonder of a wedding! Read more

Inspiration Board: Botanical Blush

Monday, Monday… Never my favourite day of the week, except for one thing. We always get to start it off with a lovely inspiration board, yay! I absolutely love today’s – botanical has been a gorgeous theme that has come up in wedding design recently, and ferns are one of the florals that have been a big part of that. So I thought, what if you combined these pretty organic elements with just the softest touch of blush, for romance? I have to say, I LOVE the effect – what do you think?

Colours: Fern green, blush pink

Inspiration Board: Botanical Blush | SouthBound Bride

Top row (l-r): Bride with fern {Heather Roth Photography/Simply & Forever}; fern table arrangements {Erin Grace Photography/Fieldwork Floral Operation}; cake {Heather Roth Photography/Simply & Forever}; bride in blush dress {Landon Jacob/Parkside Wedding Studio}
Row 2: Fern wedding invitation suite {Bailey and Emma of Antiquaria}; blush patent shoes {Aaron Snow Photography/Gibson Events}; table setting {Leo Patrone/Honey of Thousand Flowers}; ferns in vintage vases {Dear Heart Photographer/Function Flowers}
Row 3: Marquee {Birds of a Feather/Amorology}; fern wreaths {Leo Patrone/Honey of Thousand Flowers}; place setting {Anneli Marinovich Photography/Branco Prata -Sofia Ferreira}; chair {Jose Villa /Laurie Arons Special Events}; bouquet {Katie Stoops Photography/Events in the city}.


Inbal Dror Paris 2013 Collection

Inbal Dror Paris 2013 Collection | SouthBound Bride

Get ready, wedding dress lovers, because you’re about to have a brand new style crush. I am completely smitten with the incredible Inbal Dror‘s gowns, one of a crop of Israeli designers who are taking the world by storm. The 2013 collection was themed around Paris, and I think that’s perfect, because even though she’s based in Tel Aviv, you can also see the influence of the years Inbal spent in Milan. I can imagine these gowns on a European princess, a Monaco socialite, and of course on a stylish South African bride! French lace, pearls, tulle… all the textures combine into the most sophisticated and romantic cocktail of gorgeousness. Not to mention some breathtakingly beautiful photos… as Audrey once said: Paris is always a good idea! Enjoy – and have a fab weekend! Read more

SBB on Wedding Chicks

SBB on Wedding Chicks | SouthBound Bride

Hooray, I can finally let you all in on what has been making me feel butterflies of excitement all day! You may remember a while ago (a long while ago, like, last year – okay, you probably don’t remember) that I mentioned I was styling a shoot with Anneli Marinovich and a really wonderful team of UK suppliers at Gaynes Park, and today it all gets shared online (we’ve been lucky enough to already have a couple of magazine features, and even a cover!). And I couldn’t be happier than to have it on one of my absolute favourite wedding blogs, only one of the Top 3 in the world, Wedding Chicks! How. Cool. Is. That?

I’ll be sharing the shoot here in a few weeks’ time, but why wait when you can head over and enjoy the full feature (Pinterest fingers at the ready!) right now. Huge thanks to everyone who made this shoot so awesome (and so much fun).

The Peach Shoot Rockstars:Photography: Anneli Marinovich | Styling: SouthBound Bride | Venue: Gaynes Park| Flowers: Boutique Blooms | Cake: French Made | Macarons: Anges de Sucre | Stationery: The Invitation Gallery | Hair & Make up: Lara Rorich | Handkerchiefs: Benign Objects | Bridesmaids dresses: Maids to Measure | Bridal gowns: Blackburn Bridal | Photography assistant: Liezel Fourie | Models: Katja, Leila & Rose from MOT Models

Table Garlands

Table Garlands | SouthBound Bride

It’s an exciting day at SBB HQ, and I have some lovely news to share with you this afternoon. When I do, you’ll see why I have garlands and continuous floral runner arrangements on the brain! This is one trend that I have absolutely loved seeing in 2013, and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of it next season. Garlands are such a pleasing visual element to add to your decor – they look so lush and plentiful, and they really make long tables pop. Of course, a magic carpet of blooms is stunning, but you can also make this work with greenery, succulents, or even (as you’ll see below), photos! You can work with a single colour, a mix, or an ombre effect (love!), and incorporate tall candles or little votives along the way. The garlands can go straight or have a little twist to them, and they can come off the ends of your table or just work along its length. This probably isn’t a trend for budget brides, in that a floral garland tends to use a lot of blooms multiplied by all your tables, but if you’re madly in love with the idea and watching the pennies, why not just have a garland for the head table? Or, as one couple did in the pics below, for a central table that works as a real showstopper and centrepoint visually? That way, you’ll get some of the effect, without all of the expense. Read more

African Glam

African Glam | SouthBound Bride

Good morning, SouthBound brides! I have such lovely inspiration to share with you today, which comes from the fab Fennec Deuchar from Fox&Co. (a Cape Town based event and decor specialist) and one of our fave photographers, Stephanie Veldman. You already know I’m a huge fan of proteas and fynbos, as well as some of the beautiful South African patterns and textures we have at our disposal, and I also know we have a shared love of glitter, right? Well, put the two together, and you have one of the loveliest tables I have seen in quite a while. Gorgeous muted jewel tones, big king protea blooms, porcupine quills, guinea fowl feathers and a beautiful touch of gold glam. I just love it! And that’s even before we get to the floral arch – wow. The perfect venue for this glamorous homegrown look is Pure at Hout Bay Manor (check out this amazing wedding we featured here a couple of years ago). Read more

Inspiration Board: Blood Orange

Good morning, lovely friends! I’m back in Durbs after a really lovely week away. After spending time with a few old friends (and new babies!) I headed to Kruger Park on Thursday with my mom, one of her best friends, and her daughter (who was my absolute bestie growing up). They used to live across the road from us in Johannesburg, so I have literally known them both my whole life. What an awesome girls’ weekend, enjoying the quiet and beauty of the African bushveld (in my element!), spotting game (no cats this time sadly, but I was so happy and relieved to spot some rhino), and generally chilling out catching up. Of course, there’s lots to catch up on now (when is there not?) but it’s always lovely to see more of our beautiful country. Even if you do land up driving home in thunder, lightning and in rain. Speaking of that particular witch’s brew, with Halloween happening this week, I thought it would be fun to create a bit of a spooky All Hallows inspiration board. Of course, this is a super elegant, totally non-cheesy version of a Halloween wedding, with the colour scheme of orange and black the only real nod to the holiday. For the rest, it’s black tie elegance with pops of bright citrus, and a bit of a formal vintagey feel. Don’t you love it? Of course, the black Vera Wang dresses just take the cake – so, so beautiful. Happy Halloween folks!

Colours: Orange, black and white

Inspiration Board: Blood Orange | SouthBound Bride

Top row (l-r): Black Vera Wang wedding dress {Jose Villa/Joy Thigpen}; citrus centrepiece {Belathée Photography/McKenzie Powell Designs}; groom {Magnolia Pair/Meade Wenzel}; outdoor wedding {Wedding Artists Collective/Gloria Wong Design}; blood orange cake
Row 2: Bridesmaids with black lace back dresses {Amber Glanville}; place setting {Krista Mason/Calligraphy Katrina}; citrus garland; black shoes with bow
Row 3: Blood orange cocktail; black calligraphy place names {Andrea Nay}; opera glasses {Brandon Kidd Photography/Amorology}; Vera Wang dress; centrepiece {Honey of a Thousand Flowers}.


Jannie Baltzer 2014

Jannie Baltzer 2014 | SouthBound Bride

Woohoo, Friday! Have y’all had a good week? I am in Kruger as we speak, having a girl’s weekend with my mom, one of her besties, and one of mine (who also happen to be mother and daughter). So guaranteed I am having an awesome time, but after you see this set of stunning pics and bridal accessories, so will you be even before the weekend starts. Hands up any South African brides who have heard of Jannie Baltzer ? I am hoping that’s a lot of you, but if not, allow me to introduce you to her. This range of INSANEly beautiful headpieces and accessories has been setting Wedding World alight for the last few years, every delicate, memorable, gorgeous-making piece. So I thought it was high time that I brought a bit of this loveliness right here to SBB. Enjoy, and have a lovely weekend – I’ll see you back on an extended schedule next week. Assuming the Wifi is working and I don’t have to be on my mobile internet because THAT IS ANOTHER STORY. I don’t want to talk about it. The internet in South Africa makes me MAD. Anyway, yay! Pretty hairpieces! Happy face! ;) Have a brilliant weekend friends – I’ll be back with my roundup on Sunday! Read more

Goa Waterfall Couple Shoot

Goa Waterfall Couple Shoot | SouthBound Bride

I am soooooooop-ah excited about this couple shoot, because you guys, it is not only breathtaking, but it has such an awesome story attached. I’m a huge fan of photographer Claire Morgan (a South African now based in Europe, although she travels, and I would dearly love to feature a South African wedding she shoots, hint hint). I guess an artist is never off duty, because she happened to be wandering around Goa, India (as you do) and came across this gorgeous couple at a picturesque waterfall. Anna and Ilya were on a visit from Russia (where Anna is actually a photographer herself) and after striking up a conversation, Claire offered to do an impromtu couple shoot for them. This is the kind of shoot you can’t style – completely spontaneous and natural and real, but it looks like it could be out of the fashion pages of a top magazine. Claire’s pics have such a sense of place, and Anna and Ilya have such an amazing chemistry – how lovely to hear from Claire that they are since engaged :) This might be one of my all-time favourites – enjoy! And thanks so much for sharing Claire! Read more

Ten Tables: Rustic {Part 2}

Welcome back to Part 2 of our rustic tables feature, lovelies! I had such a brilliant response to this new series last week from both readers and other bloggers, so we’ll definitely be continuing with it! Do you have any specific table styles to request? Let me know in the comments! Of course, rustic is a big favourite – it works in quite a few contexts and as you saw last week, can go from real down-home farm styling to elegant and a bit glam, depending on how you combine different elements. This time I’ve lined up the second half of my top ten favourite rustic tablescapes, and again broken them down into their elements to help you with your own wedding design. If you missed Part 1, you can catch it here.

Table #6: Sweet & Low Country

FLOWERS: Mixed white blooms

Ten Tables: Rustic {Part 2} | SouthBound Bride Read more