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Supplier Spotlight: Blooming Wonderful

Supplier Spotlight: Blooming Wonderful | SouthBound Bride

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE getting packages in the mail. Best. Thing. Ever. So when a package turned up in my postbox recently with my name on it, instructing me to ‘open the box and shout hooray because this is your special day’, it put a huge smile on my face before I’d even opened it (if you follow SBB on Instagram, you will have seen all the adorable goodies that were inside). The box came from Blooming Wonderful, a creative husband and wife team based in Somerset West. Their business, which has stationery, a shop and a decor hire ‘wing’, is kind of a one-stop-shop of awesomeness, and full of the quirky little touches that I know brides and grooms are always looking for. Read more

Q&A with Dana LaRue {The Broke-Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide}

Q&A with Dana LaRue {The Broke Ass Brides Wedding Guide} | SouthBound Bride

I promised that I would be back today to chat with Dana LaRue, the original Broke-Ass Bride, and author of The Broke-Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide. Which, by the way, is an awesome little book (and nobody paid me to say that). If you read her blog, you’ll already know all about Dana’s witty and chilled-out take on wedding planning, which takes a lot of the stress out of planning according to a budget. Earlier I shared an extract from The Broke-Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide, and this afternoon I have an exclusive behind-the-scenes Q&A with the author herself.

Hi Dana, thanks so much for chatting to SouthBound Bride today! For readers who may not yet know you and, how did you get started as a wedding blogger?
I was newly engaged to my first husband, and reading a lot of blogs for inspiration. However, none of them really spoke to my situation, specifically. Most budget advice was limiting, rather than empowering: invite less guests, or just serve a buffet, etcetera. I have a huge family and really wanted to do it my way. So I started writing the blog, partly as a creative outlet, partly as a place to sort of record my journey for my own posterity, and partly in case it might help another bride like me. But I never dreamed it would blossom into something so big, or the opportunity to write a book! That was all just a very happy accident, for which I’m grateful every day! Read more

Supplier Spotlight: Rifle Paper Co. at In Good Company

Supplier Spotlight: Rifle Paper Co. at In Good Company | SouthBound Bride

A few weeks ago I spotted a little item on my newsfeed that got me really excited. Over the last couple of years, I have become more than a little obsessed with the gorgeous stylings of Rifle Paper Co., an American stationery & gift  company that doesn’t just make beautiful things, but has influenced wedding styling in the same way as brands like Kate Spade and Anthropologie. The whimsical hand-painted illustrations (many of them botanical) and hand lettering manage to be both nostalgic and modern – if I were planning my own wedding right now, I have a feeling the Rifle look would feature pretty strongly. I must admit, I haven’t talked about the brand all that much here on SBB, because I know what it’s like when you love something and can’t find a local supplier, but that’s where I was wrong. Turns out that one of my favourite SA shops and online stores, In Good Company, is a treasure trove of Rifle goodness! YAY. Read more

Casey Jeanne

Casey Jeanne | SouthBound Bride

It’s Friday Friday, and we’re kicking off the day with a world of loveliness from one of my personal favourite up-and-coming local designers. If you haven’t heard of Casey Jeanne yet, then I’m about to introduce you to your next fashion crush. That’s certainly what I had from the second I saw one of our own SouthBound brides in one of Casey’s creations last year. Today, the love affair continues, as I showcase more of her beautiful gowns, photographed by the awesome Alexis Diack. The attention to detail on every one of them is amazing, and I just love the combination of glamour, elegance and luxury that Casey’s work embodies. Read more

SouthBound’s Best 2013: Sponsor Showcase

SouthBounds Best 2013: Sponsor Showcase | SouthBound Bride

I think this is one of my favourite requests of our sponsor photographers – every year as part of our end-of-year roundup, I ask them to share with me their favourite photo from the past year. Not only does it give us a range of really beautiful pictures and moments to share with you, but it’s such a personal insight into their different styles and philosophies of photography. Each has an interesting technical component, but because this is weddings, it’s the emotional component of the images that seems to really make them memorable not just for the bride and groom, but for those good people behind the lens. Really take a moment to appreciate each one, to notice the emotion on a bride’s face or the beautiful light. Then dream, dream away about your own wedding day. Contact info under each image – if you like one of our sponsor’s styles, drop them an email!

SouthBounds Best 2013: Sponsor Showcase | SouthBound Bride Read more

Save It for a Rainy Day

Save It for a Rainy Day | SouthBound Bride

Looking out at the sunshine in Durbs today, it’s hard to imagine a wedding ever gets rained out in this country but as you all know, that is not even close to being the case. In fact, of the five weddings I’ve been to in South Africa in the last two years, three had some kind of rain to deal with. And okes, one of them was in Phalaborwa. Chances? Anyway, the point is this: we hope for sunny skies (and we usually get them) but rain is something that you need to plan for. So I asked fab SBB sponsor Lizl Pieterse of Flamboijant to share her top tips as a planner for avoiding those rainy day blues, and she’s here with some really fantastic advice. Not just that, but I’ve rounded up some beautiful pictures from our photographer friends, which just goes to prove – you can still get the most gorgeous images of your day, come rain or come shine! Over to you, Lizl… ;) Read more

Jannie Baltzer 2014

Jannie Baltzer 2014 | SouthBound Bride

Woohoo, Friday! Have y’all had a good week? I am in Kruger as we speak, having a girl’s weekend with my mom, one of her besties, and one of mine (who also happen to be mother and daughter). So guaranteed I am having an awesome time, but after you see this set of stunning pics and bridal accessories, so will you be even before the weekend starts. Hands up any South African brides who have heard of Jannie Baltzer ? I am hoping that’s a lot of you, but if not, allow me to introduce you to her. This range of INSANEly beautiful headpieces and accessories has been setting Wedding World alight for the last few years, every delicate, memorable, gorgeous-making piece. So I thought it was high time that I brought a bit of this loveliness right here to SBB. Enjoy, and have a lovely weekend – I’ll see you back on an extended schedule next week. Assuming the Wifi is working and I don’t have to be on my mobile internet because THAT IS ANOTHER STORY. I don’t want to talk about it. The internet in South Africa makes me MAD. Anyway, yay! Pretty hairpieces! Happy face! ;) Have a brilliant weekend friends – I’ll be back with my roundup on Sunday! Read more

How To Pick the Perfect First Dance Song

How To Pick the Perfect First Dance Song | SouthBound Bride

Woohoo, Friday! We’re going all musical this morning, as we turn our attention to the first dance. Now this is one that usually puts brides and grooms into two camps – either it’s one you already know the answer to without thinking about it (our song! nailed it!) or you’re reading this post thinking “yes, how DO we pick the perfect first dance song?” Worry not if you’re one of those couples, because there is a perfect first dance out there for you, even if the closest you come to Fred and Ginger is standing and swaying, and it also doesn’t have to be a song you’ve heard at weddings a zillion times before. I always advise couples to take a couple of nights out (not too far away from the wedding – this is actually a fun one to do over sushi and wine a couple of months before the big day) to consider their options and make a shortlist of possibilities. Listen to them, try them out with a little dance, and see what feels right. You’ll be surprised that some songs you may think would be perfect are actually un-danceable or have inappropriate lyrics, but many couples don’t even realise because they don’t road test them beforehand. So, this way you get the perfect song AND a romantic night in with your sweetie. Win, win. Oh, and PS, the beautiful pics in this post come courtesy of the awesome SBB photography sponsors – head over to their websites to see more! Read more

How to Wear Statement Bridal Jewellery

How to Wear Statement Bridal Jewellery | SouthBound Bride

Source: Oak & the Owl/Em the Gem

This morning, lovelies, we’re talking about one of my all-time favourite things. Jewellery! Oh yes indeed, because who doesn’t love looking at (and wearing) pretty jewels? I’m a huge fan of sticking to classic fashion and using interesting accessories to make it pop, so it’s no wonder really that I’m so in love with the current trend for wearing statement jewellery on your wedding day. After all, if it’s not your personal style in day-to-day life, why suddenly revert to a demure string of pearls on your wedding day? The big question for a number of brides I talk to, though, is how exactly to rock this look without going overboard – after all, nobody wants to look like a bride who (as someone once said about Joss Stone) was covered with glue and rolled through Claire’s Accessories. So today, courtesy of the good folks at Fragments Jewelry, we’re bringing you all the tips and inspiration from real brides that you need. And, just because I can’t resist it, I’m sharing some of my favourite pieces from the Fragments collection. If you’re not already familiar with the brand, then do head over to their online store – but you might want to get someone to hide your credit card first, because I warn you, what you’ll find there is seriously gorgeous! Read more

Supplier Spotlight: Coast

Happy Friday friends! What exciting weekend plans do you all have? Anyway, this morning I thought I would do a little supplier spotlight on a high street brand in the UK that is absolutely brilliant for bridesmaids, Coast. Actually, not just for bridesmaids – they’ve just revamped their range so that it’s not completely occasionwear focused, and the autumn/winter range is seriously stealworthy. Not just that, but they have a gorgeous set of bridal options as well, which are perfect for a bride who doesn’t want to look too bridey. But today, I’m picking some of my favourites from the current partywear collection, that I think would make really beautiful, glamorous bridesmaid dresses. I’ve combined each of them with a stunning bouquet, just because, well, it’s pretty. And we like pretty, don’t we? ;)

Supplier Spotlight: Coast | SouthBound Bride Read more