Ask the Photographers!

Afternoon, lovelies! I'm just stopping by to let you know about an exciting feature we have in the works with Luis and Kerry of Piteira Photography. Not only am I a big fan of their gorgeous photography, but this husband and wife team are just the loveliest, and I'm happy to count them as … Continue reading

Mothers {Sponsor Showcase}

Here at SBB, we're a big fan of moms. Partly because it seems like every friend have gave birth in the last year, but more importantly because my own mom is kind of a rockstar. She's a poetry-quotin', environment-savin', best lasagne in the world makin' little legend, who has not only taught me a … Continue reading

Shoes {Sponsor Showcase}

SHOES, you guys! Sorry, I'll calm down. A while back, a bunch of wedding bloggers used to post pictures of shoes every Tuesday - doesn't seem to happen anymore, but as a shoe fiend myself, Tuesday Shoesday used to brighten up my day. Well, get ready, because our photography sponsors have put … Continue reading

The Kiss {Supplier Spotlight}

Hello friends! One last piece of Valentine's inspiration for you today (and a welcome slice of happiness with the horrible news of this morning). To celebrate all that is love, I asked the SouthBound Bride photographer sponsors to share their favourite kiss. I worried it might be cheesy, but when … Continue reading

Q&A with Anneli Marinovich

Good afternoon my dears, and a good afternoon it is when I get to introduce my readers to one of my very favourite industry people. Anneli Marinovich is a long-time supporter of the blog - she was one of our first sponsors and since then I have had the pleasure of getting to know Anneli both as a … Continue reading