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Wedding Video by The Shank Tank {Taetim & Darren}

Wedding Video by The Shank Tank {Taetim & Darren} | SouthBound Bride

We don’t feature a lot of wedding films here on SBB, but some just capture my heart and my imagination, and today’s joy filled video by The Shank Tank was an immediate favourite. I adore Jewish weddings – they’re filled with the most incredible, meaningful traditions as well as a vibrant atmosphere of love and celebration (and lots and lots of dancing!). Tae and Darren’s film really captures all this as well as the connection between a gorgeous couple. And when I heard that my fave Fiona Clair had taken the pictures (including some breathtaking portraits of Tae in her beautiful lace dress!), I just had to do a mini wedding feature to celebrate. Read more

Wedding Video: Shayna & Gavin

Wedding Video: Shayna & Gavin | SouthBound Bride

Wedding Video: Shayna & Gavin | SouthBound Bride

So, how much did we LOVE Shayna and Gavin’s wedding this morning? So much. If you haven’t already fallen in love with this slightly industrial, slightly French countryside, totally elegant wedding in the hangar of Shayna’s family farm (how cool is that for a reception location?), you’re about to. One of my favourite things about this couple is their unique story of ‘how they met’ – really a case of meant to be! Today I’m sharing the video from the fab Blimp Wedding Films - not only is it an absolutely beautiful piece of film, but we get to hear a bit of Gavin’s speech, and hear the story from his perspective. It’s all just super romantic, which of course makes it perfect for our Week of Love!


Wedding Video: Vicky & Arri

Wedding Video: Vicky & Arri | SouthBound Bride

Wedding Video: Vicky & Arri | SouthBound Bride

I don’t do a lot of videos on SBB. They’re awesome and everything, but I suppose I relate more to the words and photos side of things. But every now and again I’m compelled to share one from our real weddings, and let me tell you, this is a goodie. Lump-in-your-throat, tear-in-your-eye, smile-on-your-face, goosebumps kind of good. If you fell in love with Vicky and Arri’s beach wedding today as much as I did, this video really brings it to life, but also adds all the energy and joy (this is one couple who are truly in the moment) and I defy anyone not to feel a bit choked up when they hit the excerpt from Arri’s brother’s speech. It’s spectacularly edited, perfectly matched to an awesome soundtrack, and I am pretty confident that whatever kind of afternoon you’re having, this will send you off with a smile and remind you what this wedding and love stuff is all about. Serious kudos to Hand Stitched Films, and thanks to Vicky and Arri for sharing!

Still images by Natural Light Photography.


Wedding Video: Mareli & Grant

Wedding Video: Mareli & Grant | SouthBound Bride

Wedding Video: Mareli & Grant | SouthBound Bride

I don’t know about you, but I LOVED today’s wedding, and I’m so happy to share Mareli and Grant’s video from Vision on Fire this afternoon. You can see all the colour of their creative decor, all the feeling of their ceremony and speeches, and how much fun they were having with their guests. Thanks so much to Ian for allowing me to share this!


Wedding Video: Claire & Andrew

Wedding Video: Claire & Andrew | SouthBound Bride
Wedding Video: Claire & Andrew | SouthBound Bride

Just a little while earlier we featured Claire and Andrew’s elegant bush wedding, and I’m so excited to share their video with you now as well. I think it gives you a great sense of the incredible bushveld scenery (goosebumps!), love and fun of the day – and just what an awesome time all of us guests had! Such a special celebration. There’s even a very quick cameo from me, so see if you can spot it!

Big thanks to Silent Video Productions for allowing me to share their lovely work!

Still images by Andrea Carlyle


Wedding Video: Andrea & David

Wedding Video: Andrea & David | SouthBound Bride Read more

Wedding Video: Kate & Christian

Wedding Video: Kate & Christian | SouthBound BrideWedding Video: Kate & Christian | SouthBound Bride

I promised you more of today’s lovely wedding, and here it is! Kate and Christian’s fabulous brunch wedding at La Colombe, Constantia Uitsig was filmed by the awesome Storyboard Productions – I just love the sweet, upbeat tone of the whole film, and that scrumptious morning light! It’s almost enough to drag more brides out of bed for a morning start, isn’t it?

Still images by Warren Williams

Wedding Video: Libby & Grant

Wedding Video: Libby & Grant | SouthBound BrideWedding Video: Libby & Grant | SouthBound BrideWedding Video: Libby & Grant | SouthBound Bride

With the world premiere of Twilight: New Moon and a certain hotly anticipated forest wedding last night, I thought it was a good time to revisit one of my favourite weddings so far this year. Grant & Libby’s day was full of incredible, thoughtful, personal details (check out their full wedding post here) but it all started with the loveliest forest ceremony. When Peter Mann of Just Shoot Me sent over their highlights reel, I couldn’t help but share a second look!

Still images above from Adene Photography

Wedding Video: Jessica & David

Wedding Video: Jessica & David | SouthBound BrideWedding Video: Jessica & David | SouthBound Bride

Earlier today you saw all the dusky pink gorgeousness of Jess & Dave’s Webersburg wedding, and this afternoon I thought I would share a sneak peek of their wedding video from Mandelbrot Films with you as well. Read more

Guest Post: Bringing a Bit of Hollywood to Your Wedding

Happy Friday lovelies! I’m very excited to have a guest post (and a beautiful video!) this week from one of my favourite Cape Town videographers, Andrew Alexander (of Alexander Productions). Now I have to admit, if you’d asked me a couple of years ago, I would have told you that wedding video was pretty low down on my list of things a couple should spend their money on. That is, until my lovely friends Lenore and Adrian tied the knot. I couldn’t be there, which sucked, but a couple of months later I got a little package in the post with a DVD of their big day. Exciting! And ok, it wasn’t the same as being there, but I really did get to feel like I came close. As insanely gorgeous as photographs are, you get something quite different from a moving image, and nowadays videos are so far beyond what used to be available. In fact, many of our real brides here on Cap Classique mention this as something they either wish they’d invested in, or something they’re so glad they did, so it’s definitely worth giving a second thought. Over to Andrew…


Your wedding memories, all you’ll have left… 

Your wedding day will probably be the one day of your life where you will exert the most effort and time management. Today the average couple spends anything from 10 to 15 months planning their wedding. When the day finally arrives, those eight or so hours fly by so quickly that it feels like it has not even begun by the time it is over. As a very recently married man myself, I promise you those eight hours are the best hours of your life. So how do you preserve these special hours and give them the justice they deserve?

Photography is extremely important and always will be vital to conjure up those special memories, but I can promise you that almost all photographers (definitely those who’ve got married themselves) will agree with me that photographs are simply unable to bring memories and moments to life the same way moving visuals and sound are able to do.
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