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Posts from the ‘Garden Route Weddings’ Category

Wine Cellar Wedding at Bramon Estate by Christelle Rall {Karien & Martin}

Wine Cellar Wedding at Bramon Estate by Christelle Rall {Karien & Martin} | SouthBound Bride

I just love a vineyard wedding, don’t you? Maybe it’s my years at Stellenbosch that gave me such a love for wine farms (and, er, wine), but I do think there’s nothing quite like the gorgeous serene scenery that you find at the wedding with a leafy backdrop of vines and mountains. Usually we feature vineyard weddings from the Cape, but today’s comes from the gorgeous Garden Route, which is really an emerging market for brides and grooms in SA. And this one includes a ceremony right in the cellar – how cool is that? Karien & Martin chose a neutral palette for their big day, with gently rustic details and a super fun vibe, and photographer Christelle Rall was on the scene to frame every moment from behind the lens. Oh, and PS – pastel macaron tower? YES PLEASE. Read more

Colourful Fynbos Wedding by Amy Scheepers & Weddings by Marius {Julianne & Gene}

Colourful Fynbos Wedding by Amy Scheepers & Weddings by Marius {Julianne & Gene} | SouthBound Bride

Today we’re heading out to the beautiful Garden Route to see a wedding created by the considerably talented Marius Barnard of Weddings by Marius. Julianne and Gene’s big day was a colourful affair, inspired by the hues of evening light on the South African fynbos… wow. (Don’t you just love that?) With spectacular flowers (including a floral chandelier above the couple’s weddimg ceremony), nude wood tables with mixed vases and vessels, and hanging cafe lights in a huge white marquee, this is my idea of rustic wedding perfection. What a way to start the day! Read more

Elegant Periwinkle Kurland Hotel Wedding by Monica Dart {Tembakazi & Mateli}

Elegant Periwinkle Kurland Hotel Wedding by Monica Dart {Tembakazi & Mateli} | SouthBound Bride

As if this morning’s traditional wedding wasn’t awesome enough, I get to share this gorgeous Part 2 with you this afternoon! For their second ceremony, Tembakazi and Mateli chose to work with the amazing Wedding Concepts, who pulled together an elegant, luxe reception at the Kurland Hotel in Plett. From the rose garden ceremony to the marquee reception, where guests feasted and danced under a galaxy of lanterns, every detail was perfectly executed in shades of pink and periwinkle. The bride and groom made a spectacular entrance, dancing into their reception (with Tembakazi in the shorter evening version of her incredible dress). And as with their Xhosa wedding, Monica Dart was there to capture every beautiful moment. Read more

Traditional Xhosa Wedding by Monica Dart {Tembakazi & Mateli}

Traditional Xhosa Wedding by Monica Dart {Tembakazi & Mateli} | SouthBound Bride

Today is a VERY special day. That’s because today I finally get to share our first full traditional South African wedding (our first, but by no means our last – in fact, look out for a gorgeous traditional Zulu wedding next week!). Up until recently, not many brides and grooms invited a pro photographer along to the traditional part of their weddings (as South Africans will know, many choose to have a ‘Western’ wedding as well – and we’ll be showcasing Tembakazi and Mateli’s separately this afternoon – don’t miss) but I’m slowly seeing that start to change. And being the fan of beautiful photography that I am, as well as everything South African, I’m thrilled. Monica Dart was just the perfect choice for this Eastern Cape bride and groom – she thrives on colour and movement and capturing those little moments that make up your memory of a day, and I’m absolutely in love with these images. Pots full of delicious food bubbling away on the fire, children laughing and playing, families and communities coming together – and of course the unique joy that surrounds two people in love. Read more

Merry & Bright Garden Wedding by Michelle Photography {Britt & Andre}

Merry & Bright Garden Wedding by Michelle Photography {Britt & Andre} | SouthBound Bride

If you ask anyone who knows me, they would tell you I talk a lot. Like, a LOT. They’d also tell you that they’ve received multiple page emails and letters from me over the years, and listened to long and winding stories (the more wine, the more winding). What can I say, I like words. So would you believe me when I tell you that many’s the day that I struggle to find the right words to describe one of our gorgeous weddings here on SBB? Each of them is so uniquely beautiful that I feel like they deserve their very own praise poem, but I end up saying many of the same things: beautiful, gorgeous, lovely. And yet, those are the right words. They’re certainly the right words for today’s hearfelt garden wedding on the bride’s family farm. Beautiful – a ceremony in a rose garden that reflects the rich, vibrant palette chosen by the couple (and how I love that pop of golden mead against the greys and purples on their tables!) Gorgeous – a bride who looks like she stepped off a vintage film set, with a smile that just lights up Michelle van Staden of Michelle Photography‘s luscious photos. And lovely – what it is to have your wedding in such a personal, love and memory-filled place, honouring old traditions and starting new ones. Read more

Real Wedding at The Boma {Claire & Ryan}

Real Wedding at The Boma {Claire & Ryan} | SouthBound Bride

Some days do not go the way you planned. Yesterday was definitely one of those days, not least because I spent a good portion of it hiding from a mouse that the cats brought in, while simultaneously trying to make sure they didn’t torture it to death. Because I’m an animal lover, even with animals that I have a massive phobia for. It’s complicated. Anyway, so our second wedding of the week happens today, and we’ll have the third on Friday, for a change. Because a change is as good as a holiday, right? And boy do I need a holiday… Fortunately, today’s wedding is sure to brighten up anyone’s morning. It has a vintage travelling circus vibe, with top hats and peacock feathers, and feathers and ribbons. I probably don’t even need to say much more than that for you to know it’s ace. But as well as checking out Taryn Rahl‘s beautiful pics, you’ll want to give the story a read because we have a his and hers version going on – so cute. Claire and Ryan are clearly one very fun couple, and I’m super excited to share their big day with you! Read more

Real Wedding at Fynbos Golf & Country Estate {Sharné & Ryan}

Real Wedding at Fynbos Golf & Country Estate {Sharné & Ryan} | SouthBound Bride

Good morning, lovelies! Today, we’re transported to the forests of Tsitsikamma for a really lovely, heartfelt wedding. I wish I could have shared Sharné and Ryan’s whole questionnaire, because there were SO many details and special moments and thought put into everything, and the way they write about each other and their day is just so beautiful. It’s clear that it was not just the party of a lifetime (no surprise, with Sharné in PR!) but a day that they’d poured their heart and soul into. Everything, from their vows to Ryan’s amazing speech, to the videos they prepared for the reception, was meaningful, and that created an atmosphere of love for all their guests. Sharné summed it up best when I asked her favourite thing about the day: “I loved the way I felt in my heart… I was genuinely happy and felt so much love! I was so calm and confident with the man I have chosen. I was so ready for this! And this is what made me get goosebumps the entire day!” Ah! These two are just so adorable, and I’m so excited to share their gorgeous pics, courtesy of PE photographer Niki M. Read more

Real Wedding at Die Walskipper {Carmen & Evert}

Real Wedding at Die Walskipper {Carmen & Evert} | SouthBound Bride

Ah, Jefferys Bay. Home of the Supertubes. During my high school surf chick phase (and by that, I mean, wore Roxy t-shirts, not actually had the balls to surf) this is where you could find me during the Billabong, sitting on the beach trying to look cool and pretend I wasn’t eyeing up all the pretty surfer boys whose tans were better than mine was ever going to be. I loved JBay, so I’m stoked that today’s wedding at Die Walskipper gets to be from there. It perfectly reflects JBay’s laid back beachy style, and there’s such clever use of readily available materials. For example, brown paper printed up with ‘sand, see en liefde’ (sand, sea and love) used as a wall hanging and again as a table runner. Shell lanterns, string globes, a typography motif. Tin cups and twine-wrapped napkins. Tropical leaves instead of flowers (except for a beautiful protea bouquet). It’s coastal rustic at its finest, and perfectly reflects Carmen and Evert’s casual style. Pictures were taken by Monica Dart, and they’re absolutely mesmerising – I love how Moni combines her fine art eye with documenting genuine moments, and you just have to look at guests’ faces to see what a special day this was. Read more

Real Wedding at Garden Route Game Lodge {Leigh & Clayton}

Real Wedding at Garden Route Game Lodge {Leigh & Clayton} | SouthBound Bride

I have a very cool wedding for you today! Bride Leigh is not just the little sister of my dear friend Melissa (whose wedding I featured here), but during her engagement she was an avid reader of Cap Classique (the old SouthBound Bride) and we were often in contact chatting about her plans. Knowing all the thought and love that goes into a wedding always makes it extra special when you see the final result, and with my well-documented protea obsession, you can imagine how much I loved Leigh’s decor – so perfect for a wedding in the bush. I also loved how she’s taken ideas she’s spotted online – the ‘here comes the bride’ sign carried by the flowergirl, the thank you note to guests at each setting, or the succulent boutonnieres, for example – and made them her own. Cari Eksteen was there to take the pictures, and she’s captured every detail in a way that really tells the story of the day and captures Leigh and Clayton’s love for one another and the warmth that surrounded them as they made their vows together. Congrats, guys! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. Read more

Real Wedding at Knysna Elephant Park {Caroline & Keith}

Real Wedding at Knysna Elephant Park {Caroline & Keith} | SouthBound Bride

As a proudly South African wedding blog, one of the things I want SBB to do is to showcase the depth and breadth of awesome that getting married here in my lovely homeland offers. Sometimes, that includes something REALLY special and uniquely Saffa, and that’s what you’ll find in today’s wedding. It doesn’t get more African than having a herd of elephants among your guests (although, I should point out, for all the foreigners who think that we live in huts and ride to work on impalas, that this is a pretty unusual experience, even for us!). Keith and Caroline are two of our own, now living overseas, and they wanted a wedding that really honoured their heritage. They chose to get married at Knysna Elephant Park on the Garden Route, an extraordinary venue where the couple and guests can get up close and personal with the resident herd. I just love this idea, and what makes it even better is that the park makes such a valuable contribution to elephant conservation. Add in an intimate, close-knit family group, a pretty pink and pewter colour scheme, a wonderful photographer (Judy Stofberg of Just Judy) and a very happy bride and groom, and you have the loveliest of lovely South African weddings. Read more