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DIY Bridesmaid Hair Roundup

DIY Bridesmaid Hair Roundup | SouthBound Bride

So, as I mentioned this morning, I’m going to a wedding in a couple of weeks, and although I promised myself years ago that I would never do my own hair for another wedding (after that one time at band camp when it was 42 degrees in Stellenbosch and it all went horribly wrong), for various reasons, I’m going to have to. Which mean I’ve been browsing Pinterest and YouTube for tutorials on relaxed, easy updos. And I realised just how much is actually out there now in the way of fabulous DIY hair advice. Now as a bride, you’re still probably going to want to call in the professionals, but maybe the budget doesn’t stretch to having your girls’ hair done too, or maybe they just prefer to do it themselves, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be stuck with everyday hair unless they want to be. Today I’m rounding up fifteen gorgeous styles – many of them really easy – that would be absolutely perfect on bridesmaids. Just click through to the links for each tutorial, and don’t forget to do a practice run! Read more

Pink & Blush Bridesmaid Dresses

Pink & Blush Bridesmaid Dresses | SouthBound Bride

Happy Friday lovelies! It’s the last day of the working week and the last of our special Think Pink posts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Today we’re not just rounding up some lovely images for inspiration, we’re going shopping at some of our favourite South Africa, US and UK online shops to find 21 absolutely gorgeous bridesmaid dresses in a range of shades from blush to bashful and everything in between. Whether you’re planning a relaxed day wedding, cocktail attire, or something more formal, you’ll find something to love here. Read more

Pretty Maids All in a Row

Pretty Maids All in a Row | SouthBound Bride

Good lordy, SouthBound Brides, this day has gotten away from me. We’re in the middle of retraining our dog, which involves lots of ignoring his adorable little face and wiggly tail, and some time consuming sheep-dog style coralling (without eye contact or commands) – for a dog lover like myself, torture. But it’s all for the good… Anyway, so this afternoon when I haven’t been in the middle of Manchurian Candidate-ing the pup, I’ve been gathering some bridesmaid inspiration of a different kind to that which we usually feature. You already know we love pretty BM dresses, but what about the BEFORE the dresses? The bridesmaid boudoir, as it were? The last while there’s been a big trend to have maids in lovely little robes – from terry cloth spa style to monogram to printed silk kimono (Plum Pretty Sugar are my FAVE). They’re not everyone’s cup of tea (I know some of you think they’re a little cheesy), but what I love about them is that they make for GREAT photos (ones you’ll actually put in your album, instead of just keep in a folder somewhere) and they also make fantastic bridesmaid gifts. Plus, they totally work for making sure that your hair and makeup don’t get un-made when you pull your street clothes over your head. Of course, it’s not just robes that work for this – as you’ll see below, we’ve rounded up some other fun ideas too. Read more

Asymmetric Skirts & Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses

Asymmetric Skirts & Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses | SouthBound Bride

We’re rounding up our Wednesday with the last of our current look at rising bridesmaid trends (for now, anyway!). You know how they say that if you want to buy a red Ferrari, you suddenly see red Ferraris everywhere? Well, not that I would know anything about fancy cars, but for me this trend has been just like that. Suddenly I am seeing one shoulder dresses EVERYWHERE, and a rising number of hi-lo and asymmetric hemlines. They add a really lovely bit of visual interest (especially in comparison to a wedding dress), and I think work particularly well where you want to go for solid colours instead of one of the more textured looks we’ve been talking about (illusion lace, glitter, prints, etc.) but still want to make your girls stand out. And while not all one-shoulder dresses are universally flattering, the right one can look good on a real variety of body types. So it’s kind of a no brainer for consideration, really. :) Here are some of my favourite recent examples. Read more

Berry & Jewel Tone Bridesmaid Dresses

Berry & Jewel Tone Bridesmaid Dresses | SouthBound Bride

Time for our latest rundown of gorgeous looks for your bridesmaids, and today we’ve come over all autumney with a line-up of berry and jewel toned dresses in the prettiest shades of purple, lilac and, of course, the colour of the year Radiant Orchid. I’m loving how these colours are popping up in bridal parties round the globe and brightening things up – and I have to say, I am especially fond of the look where you have a wedding that otherwise uses earth tones or neutrals. It really pops. Of course, you can choose a single shade of plum or cranberry, but this is another of those cases where tonal mismatching really comes into its own. Plus, there are loads of dresses in these colours popping up on the catwalks, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to pick up some you all love in the shops. Win. Read more

Illusion Neckline & Statement Back Bridesmaid Dresses

Illusion Neckline & Statement Back Bridesmaid Dresses | SouthBound Bride

We’re continuing our busy Friday with a look at one of my FAVOURITE bridesmaid trends of the moment. Actually, this one started as a wedding dress trend, but good news girls, illusion necklines and statement or portrait back dresses are now for bridesmaids too! There’s just no denying how pretty these are, and how gorgeous and sophisticated they will make your bridesmaids feel. Plus, win, they look GREAT in photos! I think we’ll be seeing lots more of these this season, but today I’ve rounded up some of my favourite looks so far. Read more

Two-tone Bridesmaid Dresses

Two tone Bridesmaid Dresses | SouthBound Bride

If you follow on Twitter or Facebook, you might have spotted a little something about SBB making its radio debut on OFM, a radio station based in Bloemfontein yesterday. Fun! I was delighted to be approached by DJ Yolanda Maartens, and I was more than happy to act as one of her experts on a spot she calls The Wedding Planner. This time, Yolanda suggested we chat about bridesmaids and the latest trends for dressing your girls, and it got me thinking that it’s been a while since I did one of our bridesmaid dress trend roundups. Last year I covered a huge series of looks, and many of these are going strong into 2014 (hello sparkle, lace & pastels!) but there are a couple of key looks I haven’t yet covered. So I’m declaring March the Month of Bridesmaids, and I’m starting things off today with two tone dresses. Now, colour blocking is by no means a new trend on the catwalks (or even on bridesmaids), but I think 2014 is the year it really comes into its own, thanks to the development of two other trends. One is for longer lengths, with many bridesmaids rocking floor length gowns where a couple of years ago it was all about the cocktail dress. The other is for skirts (one of the trends I looked at last year). And while two-tone dresses can be any combination really, my favourite look – and the one that I’m seeing more of this season – is a white top or bustier with a long, flowing, skirt. Not only is it very, very pretty, but it’s super flattering on a huge variety of figures. So yay. We like this one. :)

If you’d like to hear my full OFM interview, you can play the podcasts from here. Read more

‘Be My Bridesmaid’ DIY Roundup

Once the first excitement of the engagement dies down, and before you get swamped with all the planning, there’s a fun decision to be made and that’s who will be part of your bridal party. Having your best girls beside you to celebrate your big day is such a joy – a special memory that you’ll treasure as well as a source of support and perspective. Some of you will know immediately who to ask, some of you will have a harder decision ahead of you, but either way, asking your girls can be a lovely moment, an affirmation of the past you share and the role you want them to play in the life of your new family going forward. In the last couple of years, I’ve seen some super sweet ideas for ‘proposing’ to your bridesmaids, and I thought it would make a fun DIY roundup. Let’s go!

Be My Bridesmaid DIY Roundup | SouthBound Bride Read more

SouthBound’s Best 2013: Bridesmaids

SouthBounds Best 2013: Bridesmaids | SouthBound Bride

Yesterday we had a closer look at the gorgeous fashion choices of both our 2013 brides and grooms/groomsmen, but this morning we turn our sight to the bridesmaids. I think that dressing your ladies is a great way to bring a note of fashion and elegance to your wedding style, as well as reinforce or contrast with your colour scheme, so I love all the mismatching and innovation that’s going on with bridal party gowns right now. And of course our SBBs were no exception! SO hard to narrow this one down too, but here are the top picks from the year that was.

SouthBounds Best 2013: Bridesmaids | SouthBound Bride Read more

Supplier Spotlight: Coast

Happy Friday friends! What exciting weekend plans do you all have? Anyway, this morning I thought I would do a little supplier spotlight on a high street brand in the UK that is absolutely brilliant for bridesmaids, Coast. Actually, not just for bridesmaids – they’ve just revamped their range so that it’s not completely occasionwear focused, and the autumn/winter range is seriously stealworthy. Not just that, but they have a gorgeous set of bridal options as well, which are perfect for a bride who doesn’t want to look too bridey. But today, I’m picking some of my favourites from the current partywear collection, that I think would make really beautiful, glamorous bridesmaid dresses. I’ve combined each of them with a stunning bouquet, just because, well, it’s pretty. And we like pretty, don’t we? ;)

Supplier Spotlight: Coast | SouthBound Bride Read more