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Hair Inspiration: The Boho Bride

Hair Inspiration: The Boho Bride | SouthBound Bride

Sources (l-r): Clayton Austin; The Robertsons; Plum Pretty Sugar

It’s been a while since we had some hair inspiration on SBB, but I know from Pinterest that it’s something you brides-to-be are always looking for. If you’re anything like me, i.e. incapable of explaining what I want to a hairdresser without a picture, then it’s no wonder. So today we’re bringing you a gorgeous selection of inspiring looks, from loose curls to braids and updos. There’s one thing they all have in common, and that’s that they’re perfect for the boho bride. Flower crowns optional! Read more

Inspiration Board: Sunny Afternoon

Hey friends! It’s been a little while since I did an inspiration board request, but today we have a gorgeous yellow board for reader Cheri. She’s planning a barn wedding (LOVE barn weddings!) at a rosemary farm, with the ceremony in a flower maze – how pretty is that? They’d like a relaxed, old farmhouse feel, with a palette of yellow, grey and white reflected in the flower combination of succulents, billy balls and baby’s breath. They’re also planning to use old jam jars and wine bottles, which I think is a great idea. I absolutely love yellow as a wedding colour, because it’s so happy and sunny and bright – it immediately sets the tone for smiles all day long. Succulents and billy balls make an awesome combination – isn’t this bouquet lovely, and that cake! – and I like the idea of recycled glass throughout. I’m especially a fan of painted wine bottles used as vases – they work beautifully here, don’t they? I’d add succulents in small wooden crates to the table decor as well. Although Cheri plans to use baby’s breath (which is lovely), I’m also a big fan of little daisies for this wedding theme – look how pretty the bridesmaid bouquet is below. And I also like the idea of a very, very subtle yellow gingham motif, perhaps for preserve favour tops and on the groom’s pocket handkerchief. Finally, you can really make the ceremony area pop with ribbon aisles, like the one above – they really add that carnival feeling. Hope you like your board, Cheri!

Colours: Yellow, white and grey

Inspiration Board: Sunny Afternoon | SouthBound Bride

Top row (l-r): Ceremony area {Love Me Do Photography}; cake with billy balls; bouquet with succulents and billy balls {This Modern Romance/Honey and Poppies}
Row 2: Wool wrapped table number {Daffodil Waves}; invitation; rings with billy balls {Cameron Ingalls}; gingham jar top; gingham groom’s pocket {Johnny Miller}
Row 3: Billy balls on chair {This Modern Romance/Honey and Poppies}; daisy bouquet {This Modern Romance/Honey and Poppies}; grey and white wine bottles {white rabbit studios}; mason jars with striped straws {Callie V Photography}; bride and groom {Ryan Ray/Lavender Joy Weddings}


Sunrise V&A Waterfront Engagement Shoot

Sunrise V&A Waterfront Engagement Shoot | SouthBound Bride

It’s always a happy day when you can welcome back an old friend. It hasn’t been that long since we sent off our second 2013 Real Life Bride, Liana, to marry her Prince Charming, Chris, and soon we’ll get to share her wedding day (stay tuned for her awesome hen do as well). But today, we’re having a peek at the gorgeous engagement session shot for the couple by Cape Town’s own dna photographers. A fantastic (iconically Cape) setting, light you could eat with a spoon… who could ask for anything more? Read more

New Ways with Proteas {Bouquets}

New Ways with Proteas {Bouquets} | SouthBound Bride

Hello lovelies! As you’ll remember from last week, I am currently taking a fresh look at some of SBB’s most popular trend roundups, and this I know is going to be hands down my favourite. Seriously, putting this post together I have a goofy smile on my face, like I’ve ODed on sugar. Except that this is a protea rush. Totally a real thing. After all, why else would so many South African brides choose to use our national flower in their wedding bouquets? Because they’re AWESOME, that’s why. And it’s not even just a South African thing anymore – proteas have taken the wedding world by storm. I have mixed feelings about this, because sometimes when I see gorgeous proteas at an American wedding, for example, I feel like I’m seeing one of my friends in the photos from someone else’s party. But I am trying to be cool, because after all, there is plenty of protea-inspired love and goodness to go around. Plus, even though I hate to admit it, some of those overseas floral designers are applying their fresh eyes and coming up with some astonishingly gorgeous arrangements. Especially when it comes to bouquets. Rustic textures, bright pops of colour, interesting shapes and structures… there’s a lot of ooh factor  going on here. I’ve been collecting it on the SBB ♥ Proteas Pinterest board for a while, and today I thought it was high time for a roundup. Here are 25 striking protea-filled bouquets. Get ready for that rush. Read more

Key Colours for Bridesmaid Dresses

Key Colours for Bridesmaid Dresses | SouthBound Bride

Source: onelove photography via Inspired By This

Afternoon, friends! Since January, we’ve been looking at all the key trends for bridesmaid dresses in 2013 – who knew there could be so many? We’ve looked at prints (floral, stripes), styles (Gatsby, skirts) and textures (lace, sequins). Now we’re turning to colours themselves – after all, this is the classic look that many brides will always choose. Next week we’ll look at neutrals (in themselves a trend) but today we’re turning attention to five key colours that have been making a big impression in wedding parties across the world: emerald (Pantone’s colour of the year), mint, coral, peach and navy. For each, I’ve highlighted a few shop finds – two a steal at under £75 and two a bit more of a splurge. I love them all! Read more

Inspiration Board: Blossom & Berry

Happy Monday, folks – here’s to a super-productive week! Today we have a pretty, rustic red and white board, that would be just perfect for an autumn wedding. There’s a little touch of French bistro, and textures of wood, kraft, burlap and berry. So pretty! Red and white is a combo that I often see in real weddings, but it’s often used either in a more modern way or as a stark accent against a classic white wedding. But here it’s a gorgeous alternative to the pretty pastels or muted neutrals that you usually see for a rustic wedding. Lovely, isn’t it? Don’t be afraid to play with your ideas on colour a bit when planning your wedding – just because you have chosen a specific style doesn’t mean that you have to use the same palette as many others before you. Often just this little twist can make a look really fresh and interesting. My favourite touches here are the mannequin escort cards, the tin dessert menu, the gorgeous burlap runner with table number and the bridesmaids’ mismatched shoes. Which do you like best?

Colours: Red, white, green and mocha

Inspiration Board: Blossom & Berry | SouthBound Bride

Top row (l-r): Bride in blossoms {Tec Petaja/Joy Thigpen}; berry desserts {Danielle Capito}; wooden gate {Tec Petaja/Joy Thigpen}; table with burlap runner {Nikki Meyer Photography/Kraak}; bicycles
Row 2: Bridesmaids with red shoes {Emily Johnston Anderson}; mannequin escort cards {m three studio}; strawberry cocktail; outdoor ceremony {Caroline Tran Photographer/Kelly Oshiro Design}

Row 3: Table with red flower arrangement {Flowerwild/Jose Villa}; groom in braces {Zara Zoo Photography}; farm inspiration suite; bouquet with strawberry {Nikki Meyer Photography/Kraak}; book ring shot.


Fortune Teller DIY

Fortune Teller DIY | SouthBound Bride

Something fun for you, this Friday afternoon! One of everyone’s favourite weddings so far this year, Leigh and Andrew’s colourful handmade celebration in KZN had so many brilliant DIYs and a real playful feel that not only included younger guests in the fun but delighted the older ones too, I’ll bet! The fortune tellers/quack quacks/cootie catchers were one of my favourites, especially because the couple got friends involved beforehand with folding the favours and with writing fun actions and dares on the inside. Bride Leigh said that it made for a great surprise for her, as well as the guests! There are lots of tutorials and templates for these available online, and in fact you can download Leigh & Andrew’s exact template here. For something different, I’ve created a variation with the fun ‘eat, drink & be married’ slogan. Print it out on plain, coloured or brown paper, and you can also spice it up with some pretty washi tape detailing to match your theme.
Download the template here. Read more

Fresh Ideas for Travel Themed Weddings

Fresh Ideas for Travel Themed Weddings | SouthBound Bride

Credit: Julian Beattie

So I’ve been doing this blog thing for over three years now, and although some posts and ideas disappear into the archives, some keep getting hits again and again. But lately, instead of just feeling pleased (thanks for the love!) I’ve been feeling a tiny bit embarrassed. I started wondering if the posts had got a little outdated. I’m happy to say that having read them again, I still think they’d be useful, but it also got me thinking about all the new ideas that have popped up in that time (and still do so). These trends would have died out by now if that hadn’t happened. And while I am the last person to tell you not to use something you love (if it resonates with you, I don’t care how many times you’ve seen it on Pinterest, do it), I thought it was about time I revisited the SBB archive and brought you some updated inspiration. So here I am! Wedding trends 2.0.

Today we’re looking at travel themed weddings – I find it quite funny that I called it a ‘mini-trend’ in my original post (still one of our Top 20 most read articles!) when clearly it’s a theme that has run and run – just recently a planner told me it’s by far her most requested theme. Some of that has to do with the vintage decor movement, but with so many couples either meeting abroad, coming from different places, or just enjoying travelling together, I can see why it’s so popular. And just like everyone’s journeys are personal experiences, you can make your travel themed wedding personal too. In the original post, I covered all the basic motifs: maps, luggage, airmail, postcards, etc. and there’s still lots there for you to start with, but here I’m going to be looking at recent ideas or looks or fresh twists that made me stop and take notice. Like those bridesmaids with vintage vanity cases above – love that! Although to be fair, they didn’t actually carry them down the aisle – maybe a bit much, I don’t know. Read more

Inspiration Board: Love Shines Bright

Morning, lovelies! How was your weekend? I am still playing catchup with admin – sometimes it seems never-ending, doesn’t it? But I’m here with an inspiration board to literally brighten your morning. Okes, this might be one of my favourite colour combos ever. When neon brights started making their way into weddings, I was first a little horrified, then intrigued. I decided I liked them, but in a sort of graphic, modern way. But I’ve also been quietly intrigued as to how you could use them in a pretty, soft way as well, one that would suit more brides. And this is pretty much it. A palette of soft grey, coral and then a pop of lumo yellow. Sounds insane, but the brights really bring out the other colours and I just adore the end result! What do you think?

Colours: Mushroom, peach, coral and neon yellow

Inspiration Board: Love Shines Bright | SouthBound Bride

Top row (l-r): Dress {Lizelle Lotter}; bouquet {Shoot This Not That}; bridesmaids {Kate Harrison Photography/Enjoy Events Co. Inc.}; neon table number {Shoot This Not That}
Row 2: Coral table decor {Elizabeth Scott Photography/Sweet November Events}; coral shoes {Laura Murray Photography/Holly Gerard}; champagne; boutonnieres {Shoot This Not That}
Row 3: Cake and banner {Shoot This Not That}; cutlery bundle {Shoot This Not That}; neon necklace {Imbue Weddings/Byron Loves Fawn}; flowers; menu with neon string {Kate Harrison Photography/Enjoy Events Co. Inc.}


Ombre Bridesmaid Dresses

Ombre Bridesmaid Dresses | SouthBound Bride

Image: Our Labor of Love

We’re heading towards the end of our series on the top bridesmaid looks for 2013, and I must say, I have loved pulling them together! I honestly don’t know how you all are choosing which one to go with, because I love them all. And today’s is no exception – as you may have figured out by now, I’m a huge fan of ombre, the French term for graduated colour – see more of this wedding look here. It also happens to work perfectly with the watercolour trend that’s making everything so pretty right now. There are lots of ways to bring ombre into your wedding, but one of my favourites is through bridesmaid dresses – it’s the perfect evolution of the mismatched look. But what IS the difference between ombre and mismatched bridesmaids? Well, the key is really in the colours, of course. With mismatched, you could pick a colour (green, for example) and let your girls buy whatever dresses they liked, as long as they’re blue. With ombre, you’ll need to be a bit more OCD about it, picking an exact shade along the same colour spectrum for each bridesmaid, starting at an intense colour and ending at a light one, spaced out according to the number of BMs you have. Sound complicated? Well, it can be – one way to make it a bit easier is to have dresses made (the same or in different styles) so you have a bit more control. Take paint samples with you when you go shopping for material or dresses – each will usually show you an ombre colour family, so they’re the perfect reference. But even if you go high street, it’s not as difficult as you might imagine, and to show you, I’ve put together three ombre looks from current high street finds. My favourite is the peach ombre look – it just works so perfectly! Read more