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Winter Gold {Plus DIY details + special offer}

Winter Gold {Plus DIY details + special offer} | SouthBound Bride

You guys, I am doing such a happy dance as I post this feature today! It has been a long while coming, and I am thrilled to finally be able to share it with you. See, this isn’t just a beautiful shoot that someone sent me, I was actually there for this one. I saw it put together from scratch. I even helped make it happen a little. Not that it’s my shoot – ‘assisted’ is the key term here. All of this shimmery, wintery loveliness comes straight from the imagination of styling queen Louise Beukes of b.loved (how pretty must it be inside her mind?) as well as the lens of Liesl Cheney. It’s all about making your guests feel cozy while at the same time sweeping them up Narnia-style into a world of snowflakes and pinecones and sophisticated elegance. And now’s a good time for me to say how proud I am of everything Louise has achieved. A couple of years ago, she approached me as a SouthBound Bride herself, and told me she wanted to start a blog. I thought it was a great idea. Then she told me she wanted to be a stylist, and I thought that was an even better one. The result is not only daily eye candy on her fabulous blog, but a portfolio that is just busting at the seams with loveliness. This was one of her first shoots, so you can see she hit the ground running. Oh, and the reason we didn’t show it to you earlier? Only because it was too busy being featured in UK magazine You & Your Wedding. Read more

Lace Wedding Cakes

Lace Wedding Cakes | SouthBound Bride

Hello lovelies! We have a cute little wedding coming up soon, but first, here’s our weekly roundup. Actually, this post was going to be about a whole other cake trend, but when I asked myself what sort of cake I could see South African brides really going for in the next year, one answer immediately sprang to mind: lace. I mean, we love lace, right? Especially all you Cape Country Vintage brides. It’s a beautiful texture to add to a cake without having to go too bold – in fact it’s the perfect way to amp up a classic white cake. Not that you can’t do something more colourful, as you’ll see below – the base cake or the lace itself can be any number of colours. I think my absolute favourite look is the blush/nude cake with a white lace overlay, since it reminds me of the illusion/portrait back trend we’re seeing in dresses so much at the moment – so gorgeous! I’ve gathered up my Top 20 lace cakes – which is your favourite? Read more

Sareh Nouri Spring 2013 Collection

Sareh Nouri Spring 2013 Collection | SouthBound Bride

Time for some more dress dreaminess (yes, I know, we have been a lot about the dresses recently, but I know that it’s the first thing most brides start dreaming about!). A few years back, if you’d asked me what I thought an ideal wedding dress should look like, I would have told you as plain and simple and flattering as possible, but I think I may have caught some kind of fashion bug. Now I am all, the frothier and more romantic, the more I love it. (Lucky I have no plans to marry, or some poor man would be forking out for a Vera Wang.) So you’ll forgive me for going just a little bit melty when Sareh Nouri, a New York-based designer, sent over her Spring 2013 collection. It is GORGEOUS. I’m especially in love with the peachy blush Sophie, which might be my new favourite coloured dress. Or the sparkle-tastic Ressan. Or elegant Audrey. Heck, I love ‘em all, especially when the Sareh Nouri team took them out into the countryside with an incredible, ethereal photoshoot with Emme Wynn (who might also be my newest photography crush). The perfect amount of loveliness to light up your Tuesday afternoon! Read more

Inspiration Board: Spain Meets South

Hello lovelies, I have an extra inspiration board for you today. This one is a request from reader Simone, who’s originally from SA but now lives in Melbourne with her Spanish fiance. So international! The wedding will take place in a beautiful town in central Spain, set on a hilltop with winding streets and castle ruins. What an impossibly romantic location! Being proudly South African, Simone wants to include South African elements, including King Proteas and aloes. Because the venue hadn’t been finalised when she wrote to me, Simone wasn’t sure of much of the design, but she’d picked coral and mint as her colours. I think this is a great choice – not just because they’re on trend, but the soft pink and warm pink will work well in a variety of settings (and, of course, with the proteas). I’d combine them with copper or brass vessels for a lovely Spanish colonial feel on the tables. Another Spanish touch I would make a lot of is lace – this makes a great motif, and doesn’t need to look Victorian vintage. For example, use just a touch in soft mint bridesmaid dresses, in the form of doily cupcake cases and even as a photobooth backdrop! My favourite lace detail is the cake – especially with that protea on top! It’s the perfect Spanish/South African combination. I also thought the tiles as table numbers were a charming touch. Simone is considering serving macaroons (great for the colour) but I love the idea of a late night serving of hot chocolate with churros and koeksusters. In fact, menu is a wonderful way to pay tribute to your home country, just as Princess Charlene did for her Monaco wedding. Another idea from that wedding is to include South African music in your service. Hope you like your board Simone – can’t wait to see your wedding!

Colours: Coral and mint

Inspiration Board: Spain Meets South | SouthBound Bride

Top row (l-r): Mantilla; lace dress {Jimena Roquero}; protea centrepiece {Jennifer Sando/White Room Events}; doily cupcake case; cake with protea topper and lace detailing {Jennifer Sando/White Room Events}
Row 2: Macaroons; tile escort cards {KT Merry}; mint lace bridesmaid dresses {Melissa McClure Photography}; churro hearts
Row 3: Spanish doorway; table decor (3 images) {Joielala/Canvas & Canopy Events}; lace photobooth/ceremony backdrop {NGG Studios/Imbue Weddings}.

Inspiration Board: Spain Meets South | SouthBound Bride


Inspiration Board: Lovelier Than Lilacs

It’s Monday, and Mondays mean one thing here on SBB, and that’s inspiration boards. Yay! So to kick off the week, I have a reader’s request that I’ve been looking forward to getting to. Georgie sent me a request before Christmas for her Johannesburg wedding – she said that with so many themed weddings around, she and her fiance wanted to bring their focus back to what was traditional, classic and elegant. Their venue in Parktown has a gorgeous view of the city, so they’d like that to be central, and will include lots of ambient light in the form of candles and fairy lights. Their palette is clean white with dove grey, lilac and celadon (a green very much like Pantone’s current Greyed Jade). Georgie had just one more request, and that was to include orchids, since they will remind them of India and Singapore – two places that are meaningful to the couple. So that was the brief, and that’s what we’ve got. No themes, no motifs, no gimmicks – just classical elements and a gorgeous set of colours. As with all weddings where white forms a big part of the canvas, texture is important, so I’ve included lots of it – feathery tulle in the bride’s dress, crisp linens on the tables, even a little touch of velvet ribbon, which I really like (especially since this is an autumn wedding). The orchids are there – nice, simple and soft, but I think roses on the table are a classically romantic statement so I’d probably stick to orchids in bouquets and in other special places like on the cake. Chandeliers and a twinkle light curtain add a festive touch, and I’d bring in the colour accents in soft ways – bridesmaid’s dresses, shoes and (my best) invitations with a subtle touch of celadon on the edges. Add a pretty hairpiece, updos for the bridal party, a touch of calligraphy and signature cocktails for while guests enjoy that magnificent view. Et voila. A return to elegance. Hope you like your board, Georgie!

Colours: White, lilac, dove grey & celadon

Inspiration Board: Lovelier Than Lilacs | SouthBound Bride

Top row (l-r): Orchid {Anouschka Rokebrand}; bride {Beth Helmstetter/Samuel Lippke Studios}; pale lilac shoes {SH Weddings/Hanle Productions}; calligraphy table number {Jose Villa}; chandelier {Tea Olive Photography}
Row 2: Invitations with celadon edging {Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence}; elegant updo {Easton Events/Patricia Lyons Photography}; orchid and rose bouquet; lilac velvet ribbon; cake with white orchids {Jenna Walker Photographers/Creative Weddings}
Row 3: Bride and groom with fairy light curtain {Cory Ryan Photography/CLINK }; lilac cocktail with ribbon tags {Samm Blake}; diamond ring {KT Merry}; table setting {Kate Preftakes Photography}; lilac bridesmaid dresses {Samm Blake}.

Inspiration Board: Lovelier Than Lilacs | SouthBound Bride


Wedding Dates to Avoid {Free Printable}

Wedding Dates to Avoid {Free Printable} | SouthBound Bride


Hello friends! I have a fun little bonus post for you today. For those of you who have just got engaged, I bet there are lots of spreadsheets being drawn up and calendars being got out of handbags, to find the perfect date for your big day. Lots of things to consider – birthdays, travel plans, public holidays, getting time off work. But there’s one thing you may not have taken into account yet. Rugby. Read more

Cymbeline Paris 2013 La Parisienne Collection

Cymbeline Paris 2013 La Parisienne Collection | SouthBound Bride

Audrey Hepburn said it: Paris is always a good idea. And it’s not just the city in general that I have a total crush on, it’s the people. Parisian women (oh heck, all French women) are so impossibly chic, they frighten me a little. I look at the Facebook albums of French friends and wonder how not only do they always look perfectly put together, but so do their mothers, their grandmothers, their friends. I mean, we Italians have bella figura, but the French… well, they’re something else entirely. I’m not sure it’s something you can learn or buy or replicate – I have a feeling it’s part of the DNA. But what you can do, if you want to have that je ne sais quoi on your wedding day, is to invest in a dress by Cymbeline Paris. If there’s one label that embodies that French knack for combining vintage and modern, timeless and fashionable, formal and avant garde, then this is it. There’s even a bridal trench coat, fergoodnesssakes. Here’s what they had to say about it themselves: The Parisian lady is known worldwide for her “unconventional chic”. She highlights the basics and makes her daring a major asset. Everything is about attitude, being in tune with oneself and combining this with a little bit of irreverence.
I love every piece in this collection – appropriately named Le Parisienne - and even better, it’s photographed around the beautiful city, so we can do some Paris travel dreaming at the same time. Sigh. Oh, and the male model in this shoot aint too hard on the eyes neither. Oui to all of it! Enjoy. Read more

SouthBound Bride on Wedding Chicks {+ bar printables}

SouthBound Bride on Wedding Chicks {+ bar printables} | SouthBound Bride

Hello! Thanks for your patience today if you tried accessing SBB – we’ve migrated servers (of course, the downtime was impeccably timed by my providers) which is good news, but did result in some nailbiting from me. Because I’ve been waiting to share this little piece of news with you, and I am SO EXCITED. Seriously, I am smiling so huge right now, because today is not just the day I get to fulfil an ambition, it’s the culmination of a whole year’s worth of work behind the scenes. For a while now, you will have heard me mentioning a shoot I co-styled with Louise of b.loved, which was shot by Chanelle Segerius Bruce. You may even have seen the shoot if you picked up copies of You & Your Wedding or My Wedding Day in the UK and South Africa, respectively. The days those mags hit the shelves were immensely good days too, but today is the day I finally get to see those images being set free online. Our little birds are taking flight. Which is actually an appropriate metaphor, because I’m delighted to say that they are featured today on Wedding Chicks. WEDDING CHICKS, YOU GUYS. I’ve loved WC for YEARS – long before I ever dreamed I would have my own wedding blog. They’ve grown and grown since then, but what I really admire about them is they’ve never lost their brand or what they’re about, and they have been wonderful to work with too. The fact that a shoot I co-styled, based on an inspiration board I created, including stationery from the SBB Collection (designed by my very dear friend Anelle of Seven Swans, no less) is on one of the top wedding blogs in the world today kind of blows my mind. I’m so happy! See the full feature here. Read more

Words as Wedding Decor

Words as Wedding Decor | SouthBound Bride

Cari Photography/The Aleit Group on SBB (left); Paige Lowe Photography/Sitting In A Tree via Green Wedding Shoes (centre); Tammy Horton Photography via Style Me Pretty (right)

Something that always amazes me about Pinterest – it being a visual medium – is that one of the most popular things people pin is quotes. Beautifully designed renderings of quotes, yes, but words. Pictures of words. It’s a little odd, right? But then, I get it. After all, I am, if nothing else, a words person. So here’s a quote for you, from Elie Wiesel: Words can sometimes, in moments of grace, attain the quality of deeds. I like that quote. Because it reminds me that even though actions are important, sometimes words can be every bit as good. Like how, if I’m sick, I just have to call my mom and hear her say “I’m so sorry you’re sick, my darling” to feel better – those words are like a hug. Or how words can be a slap in the face, or a handshake, or a pat on the back. Sometimes they wrap around you like a blanket, or sweep you up like a conga line. And sometimes, when the action is as big as giving your whole heart to someone, you need words to share that with the people you love. So they can feel it with you. Which is all a totally poetic way of saying that today’s post is about words. As decor. It’s one of my top 10 trend predictions for 2013, and I officially love it! Read more

Come Fly With Me Engagement Shoot

Come Fly With Me Engagement Shoot | SouthBound Bride

Hello lovelies! Time for an engagement shoot, and today’s comes from the always delightful Cheryl McEwan. And you guys, it’s a goodie. I think over the years I’ve been doing this, my favourite couple shoots are those where the couple are doing something a little different – but more specifically, where they’re doing something they love, or visiting a place that has meaning for them. Which might be what makes today’s shoot so cool. Then again, it might be the aeroplane. Either way, flying is something this couple love to do, and up in the air narrowly missed being the site for their engagement… I’ll let groom-to-be Neno tell you his and Megan’s story: Read more