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Downton Abbey Wedding Inspiration

Downton Abbey Wedding Inspiration | SouthBound Bride

What’s the expression: we plan and God laughs? Well, it’s been that kind of a day. The wedding I had for you had to be put on ice at the last minute, for one. But that is no worries, because it just means that I get to share this piece of loveliness with you all a bit sooner. I don’t know how many of you are Downton Abbey fans (and I can’t believe how behind SA is…) but I definitely am, and I’m totally amped for Series 3. And as much as I’m a Gatsby girl, I also love the alternative wedding style from the same era that Downton offers. While Gatsby is all about loud, wild, flapper style (even if you don’t go all out Baz Luhrmann), Downton is much more refined, more elegant, but just as opulent in its own way. So I was absolutely thrilled when South Africa’s own Nuptial Network got in touch with their latest styled shoot project, which was inspired by Lady Mary et al. And it is gorgeous – you vintage loving brides are going to ADORE it. But what I especially love is how many little touches could be incorporated into any kind of wedding – the subtle sweetness of an ombre cake, the pretty chair ties, the ceremony area (LOVE), the pretty styling of the bride and bridesmaids. The table draped in lace. With lace and silver and lasercut, and pretty pretty flowers, all you need is Carson to lead you in to dinner. Ready, my lords and ladies? Read more

Pantone Spring 2014: Placid Blue & Hemlock

Time for some more inspiration! And I must admit, I am excited to see the reaction to this one. In the last while I’ve been noticing a drift toward the pairing of pale green and blue, and even though Dazzling Blue is the lead colour for this collection, the combination of Placid Blue and Hemlock is my tip for the perfect contemporary wedding look and one I think we’ll be seeing quite a bit of in 2014. It’s such a cool, fresh combination – so chilled and so elegant, and I love how it combines with elegant country details effortlessly, including lots of organic greens and blues. Like diving into a cool pool of water at the bottom of a shady garden. Don’t you love it?

Colours: Placid Blue & Hemlock

Pantone Spring 2014: Placid Blue & Hemlock | SouthBound Bride

Top row (l-r): Bridesmaid’s bouquet {Anna Kuperberg}; dress {Scott Piner Photography}; bridesmaids {Judy Pak Photography/Bella Bridesmaids}; bouquet {Scott Andrew Studio/Tracy Taylor Ward Design}
Row 2: Cake; flowers in bottles {Pobke Photography/White Room Events}; macaroon with ring; bottles.


Pantone Spring 2014 Colour Report

Pantone Spring 2014 Colour Report | SouthBound Bride

Happy Wednesday, friends! Today we’re continuing our celebration of the new Pantone colour report with even more fresh inspiration. The great thing about these reports isn’t that anyone expects brides to slavishly follow the new colours or feel like the ones they already have are ‘out’. But it’s a chance to take a fresh look at the colours you’re using, play with new combinations if you haven’t chosen a palette yet. But best of all, it’s an insight into the colours that are coming into homeware and fashion. Why should that matter? Well, as anyone who tried to find coral bridesmaid dresses three years ago will tell you, it does. When Emerald first made an appearance last year, I’d only seen it on celebrities – this year I have been spoilt for emerald images and bridesmaid dress options – even wedding dresses. So picking one or more of these colours might make your life easier if you’re planning a wedding in the next year. So those are the practical aspects. But for today, we’re just going to enjoy the colours. I really love this year’s choices – they’re not far off what we’ve seen before, but a bit more matte or with a bit more depth, or a bit lighter. Pastel blue and green are a big trend for 2014 in my view, and Hemlock and Placid Blue are perfect for that. The neutrals are also lovely – Paloma and Sand – just with a bit of warmth for grey and taupe shades. There are two very pretty purples – Violet Tulip and Radiant Orchid. And then some fabulous brights – Cayenne (LOVE this red), Celosia Orange and a gorgeous pop of Freesia yellow. But the colour that leads the collection is Dazzling Blue, a cousin of the blues that have been showing up for a couple of years now, that has really come of age. Get ready to see a LOT more of this one. This week we’ve already seen two full boards using the Spring 2014 colours, and there’ll be even more later today and Friday, but here I thought I would do some mini boards to inspire – which is your favourite combo? Read more

Beach Beautiful

Beach Beautiful | SouthBound Bride

What are the two magic words guaranteed to set any wedding blogger’s heart a-thumping? (And no, they’re not ‘mason jar’.) Jose Villa. Only my favourite photographer, ever. And what are three magic words guaranteed to get South African brides excited? Why, ‘new Wedding Inspirations‘, of course. One of my all-time favourite wedding magazines, and the first thing I picked up a copy of when I landed in SA. So what happens when you put the two together? Well, that’s what I get to share with you today. I’ll explain – the brand new issue of Wedding Inspirations is out now, and it’s an absolute feast. There’s ideas, advice, fashion and some absolutely beautiful shoots. Including this one, which was not only photographed by the aforementioned Jose Villa, but styled by the fab Joy Proctor of Joy de Vivre, a super talented wedding stylist in the States who is bringing her considerable skills to the SA market. It’s a beautiful, romantic and refined coastal look, with selected vintagey accents and a soft but classic colour palette. I’m more than a little in love with it, and I’m so thrilled that our friends at Wedding Inspirations have allowed me to spotlight it here today. Read more

Pantone Spring 2014: Freesia & Sand

How I do love a new set of colours to play with! And I must say, I think the bold, bright yellow of Pantone’s Spring 2014 collection, ‘Freesia’, may be my fave. It immediately reminded me of the bold yellow stripes that characterise a great place I went to last week in Abu Dhabi, the Monte Carlo Beach Club – everything there is kitted out (tastefully) in preppy yellow and white stripes, and it looks amazing. Paired with ‘Sand’, another of Pantone’s 2014 picks, you have the makings of a perfect beach wedding, or even of a rustic farm look. As always, be sparing with the brights, let them punch out. And punch is certainly what this colour does! Love it.

Colours: Pantone Freesia & Sand

Pantone Spring 2014: Freesia & Sand | SouthBound Bride

Top row (l-r): Ring {Joielala Photographie}; stripey paper straws; invitation; dessert {Grandes Fetes/Jessica Schilling}
Row 2: Place setting {Krissy Allori Photography + Courtney Jade Photography/Double Take Event Styling}; bridesmaids in yellow stripes; billy buttons {Nineteen Eighty Five/Christine Meintjes}.


Pantone Spring 2014: Placid Blue & Paloma

Morning, lovelies! It’s that time of the year again, when Pantone releases their spring colours. My favourite. I’m still being inspired by last years’ crop, in fact. That was, until I got a whole new ten colours to dream about. I’ll be doing a full roundup on Weds of the whole set of colours, but this week I’ll also be bringing you inspiration boards of my favourite colour combos, starting with today’s. I just love this soft blue, ‘placid blue’, especially when combined with the softest grey, ‘paloma’. So romantic! It’s also a lovely alternative if you’d been considering pastels or a blush and grey mix for your wedding, and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of placid especially. Or just consider wearing a blue wedding dress in the shade – so unusual and gorgeous. I’ll be back with another board this afternoon, but meanwhile, what do you think?

Colours: Pantone Placid Blue & Paloma

Pantone Spring 2014: Placid Blue & Paloma | SouthBound Bride

Top row (l-r): Horseshoe escort cards {paper antler via style me pretty}; blue wedding cake with ruffles {Hey There, Cupcake!}; place setting {Jose Villa/Beth Helmstetter}; blue dress {Alicia Swedenborg}
Row 2: Watercolour invitation suite {Bubblerock/Quelque chose de Bleu}; blue wedding dress; blue and grey tie; paint samples {Lauren Bamford}.


Flower Girl Dresses {Monsoon}

Flower Girl Dresses {Monsoon} | SouthBound Bride

Hello lovelies! Time for a last bit of inspiration before the weekend. And time again for another roundup of the loveliest dresses for the little ones from my favourite place for flowergirl dresses, Monsoon. I just adore their cutesy versions of adult trends, making them perfect for an on-trend wedding, whether you dress the little ones in something similar to the bridesmaids or add something completely different. To inspire you, I’ve again put together a set of ten of my favourite of the current Monsoon dresses, together with ten SBB inspiration boards that I think best demonstrate the style that these dresses would be perfect for. Love! Read more

25 Unique Boutonnieres

25 Unique Boutonnieres | SouthBound Bride

Here on SBB we focus a lot on the bride and bridesmaids (sorry boys!) but of course our grooms are just as important to us, and we want them to be every bit as stylish as the ladies. And apart from a sharp suit, one great way to do this is through a fun boutonniere. Of course, I still LOVE floral bouts, but let’s be honest, not all guys are keen on them. And not just that, they can become an easy way to inject some comedy and personality into your groomsmen’s outfits, or continue a theme or motif. A couple of years ago, when bout alternatives became a thing, I did a roundup here on SBB which has been one of our most popular, and I thought it was high time that I did a little bit of a follow up. So here, for your viewing pleasure, are 25 fun and unique buttonhole ideas! Read more

Inspiration Board: Poppy & Violet

Hello lovelies! Another week, another dose of inspiration here on SBB. This week I’m working out of Abu Dhabi while I visit one of my besties, which is so lovely, and on to South Africa on Thurs! Awesomesauce. Anyway, today we’re bringing together two strong colours that together have a lovely warmth. Poppy red is just brilliant – so bright and cheerful – but a red and white wedding can look a bit dated, depending on how you do it. But add in a punch of Pantone’s African Violet and you have the perfect contemporary combo. I love playing these colours out against a romantic rustic backdrop, as they are here – ideal for an autumn wedding, although they could also work in a modern graphic city wedding. What do you think?

Colours: Poppy red & African violet

Inspiration Board: Poppy & Violet | SouthBound Bride

Top row (l-r): Lilac dress {Elizabeth Messina/Joy Adaeze}; lilacs; red cocktails {Vanilla Bean Blog}; bridesmaids {Elizabeth Messina}
Row 2: Bouquet {Halberg Photographers/Kelly Oshiro Design}; door with heart lock; chocolates; table setting; calligraphy menu {Becca Borge/Sugar(ed) Event Design and Planning}
Row 3: Bride in field of poppies {Easy Dreamer Photography/Romancing the Stone Styling}; shoes {This Modern Romance}; macarons; lilac and red stationery; poppy bouquet.


Best Man’s Emergency Kit

Best Mans Emergency Kit | SouthBound Bride

Expressions Photography
Cape Town

A few weeks back, we heard from planner extraordinaire Theresa of Creation Events with her top tips & duties for groomsmen, following the popular feature we did for bridemaids. So useful to have everything summed up in one place for the boys! So today I thought that I would follow it up with some more groomsman goodness – a best man’s emergency kit (download our bridesmaid’s one here). And to make it even more special, we’re highlighting the talents of our fab photography sponsors with their favourite pictures of the groomsmen. So here we go – let’s hear it for the boys! Read more