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Colour Story: Rainbow

Colour Story: Rainbow | SouthBound Bride

Image: Abigail K.

So what did you think, friends, how much are you loving the rainbow look from today’s styled shoot? I must say, it is one of my favourites, not in a faddy themey way, but because it allows you to really just sort of play with colour and not be confined to a specific paletter, and also to produce something really fun and relaxed. I also love the rainbow look for bridesmaids, because it means you can really dress your girls according to their style and colouring instead of having the one-colour-fits-all approach. Either give them a single matching bouquet (something neutral, like a bushel of baby’s breath, for example) or a custom bouquet to match their colour (love this creative idea, especially if you’re as much a fan of flowers as I am). For your tables, keep things relatively neutral so that the colours really pop – you could have deconstructed bouquets in mismatched containers (stick to one colour per container – this works well in groupings of different heights or along a long table) – and how sweet is the idea below of using food colouring for an extra bit of zing? You can also play with ribbons, rainbow prints, and of course, stationery. I’m so in love with Will We Have Rainbows from Invitation Gallery, part of the SBB Collection, which is highlighted below. Isn’t it beeeyoodeeful? Anyway, if this is a look you love, here are some more ideas and products to inspire, including BM dresses for all your girls (even a pregnant one!). Read more

Rainbow Rustic

Rainbow Rustic | SouthBound Bride

Hello lovelies – how has your Tuesday been going so far? Mine didn’t get off to an ideal start, but never mind that, because we have such a lovely styled shoot to brighten things up this afternoon. And I’m particularly excited about this one, in that it was created especially for us by an awesome team from the Nuptial Network, using some of the beautiful stationery from the SBB Collection at Invitation Gallery. I’ve loved seeing rainbow brights make their way into weddings in the last couple of years, and while this isn’t strictly a rainbow-themed affair, it’s colourful and rustic and a look that is really easy to recreate. I love it for a summer farm wedding, for example. The basic details are budget friendly – glass jars with different coloured flowers, fruit used for its natural hues (I really love how natural colour makes a table pop) and, of course, the stationery. This particular suite (Will We Have Rainbows by Mister and Missis) is one of my faves – it has such a fun, playful carnival vibe, and it also works perfectly with the neon trend that is going on at the moment (without looking like someone threw up 1992). I hope you’ll all be as inspired as I am by it – come back this evening and I’ll have a bit of a style guide for you if you want to recreate this yourself. But for now, let’s get colourful! Huge thanks to photographer Abigail K., co-ordinator Mosaic Wedding Company and the rest of the Nuptial Network team (full credits at the end). Read more

Inspiration Board: Walk on the Ocean

Hello lovelies, now for inspiration board number 2 today. This one’s a reader request – always fun to do, as you guys come up with such a unique set of ideas that reflect your personalities and relationships. This particular board was requested by Shimoné, who together with her husband-to-be really loves the sea. Even though they’re planning an elegant garden wedding, they wanted to bring this love into their wedding, so they chose a gorgeous ocean-inspired palette of powder blue, teal, gold and white. I also took this as a starting point for some of the design details, adding a gentle watercolour/ombre element to reflect the salt water, and with sea urchins as a sweet little motif. These are sold on Etsy with little succulents inside, which makes a very cute place setting/favour and is one you could make yourself. I also like the idea of spray painting these shells gold to sit at each place setting, with or without a plant inside. The rest of the scheme is simple and classic – white flowers, especially on the huppah (the wedding will have lots of traditional Jewish elements, and this is one of my favourites), soft flowy bridesmaid dresses with statement necklaces, vintage furniture in breakout areas and gold-flecked macaroons. Simple, classic, but very lovely. Hope you like your board Shimoné!

Colours: Teal, powder blue, gold and white

Inspiration Board: Walk on the Ocean | SouthBound Bride

Top row (l-r): Watercolour invitation; urchin favour {Kristin Rogers Photography/RobinCharlotte}; lace wedding dress {Rebekah J. Murray Photography/Atrendy Wedding}; ombre cake {Jen Huang}; urchin
Row 2: Necklace; gold pear {Sasha Gulish/Shannon Leahy Events}; ties; macaroons {Fiona Kelly Photography/Linen and Silk Weddings}; flower huppah {Heidi Ryder}
Row 3: Bridesmaid dress; hora {David Pascolla}; breakout area {Jose Villa}; table setting with vintage crockery {Love Life Images/Bradshaw Styling}


Inspiration Board: Fig & Toile

Hello lovelies, it’s time for our first inspiration board of the day. The last time I did a toile board was waaay back at the start of SBB, which I ended up turning into a gorgeous inspiration shoot (more on this soon). But now, with prints being all the rage in weddingland, toile has really come of age. And why not – it’s romantic, it’s vintage and it’s just the perfect shade of blue to set off warm pinks or peaches or corals. Too much can be… well, too much, so less is definitely more, but I couldn’t help including the gorgeously romantic toile detail dress from Claire Pettibone’s current collection. I’ve paired the toile here with fig – that rich dusky pink, and just a touch of brass. For a uniquely South African twist, I love Fabric du Sud from Carol Mills, which is all about toiles with a homegrown theme. Loving this! What do you think?

Colours: Dusky pink and blue, navy, brass and white

Inspiration Board: Fig & Toile | SouthBound Bride

Top row (l-r): Claire Pettibone dress {This Modern Romance/Claire Pettibone/Gatherings by Stacie}; cake {Sonya Khegay/Latte Decor/Azale}; toile envelope liner invitations {Pyramid Atlantic/Betsy Dunlap/Katie Stoops}; copper shoes {Troy Grover Photographers/LVL Weddings & Events}; blueberry cocktail
Row 2: Berry bouquet {Martha Stewart Weddings}; South African toile pattern {Carol Mills Fabrics}; bridesmaids {Kellee Walsh}; figs {Lauren Kriedemann/Event & Design}
Row 3: Table setting {Souder Photography/Vintage My Wedding /Southall Eden}; brass key escort cards {Tamiz Photography/Belle Destination Weddings and Events}; blueberry tarts {Souder Photography/Vintage My Wedding /Southall Eden}; Claire Pettibone dress {This Modern Romance/Claire Pettibone/Gatherings by Stacie}.


Clinton Lotter 2012/2013

Clinton Lotter 2012/2013 | SouthBound Bride

It’s Friday folks, and that means time for some pretty dresses! I am always saying that South Africans are secretly taking over the world, and it always makes me smile when I come across homegrown talent over here. That was the case when I found myself fawning over some beautiful gowns on my last visit to Blackburn Bridal in London, and was told that they were by South African (now London-based) designer, Clinton Lotter. So I thought that this was the perfect collection to bring to you today. It’s available exclusively at Blackburn, so UK based brides should head over there to try some of these delicious creations on. Read more

Bridesmaids in Skirts

Bridesmaids in Skirts | SouthBound Bride

Images: Jessica Kettle Photography via

Evening, lovelies! Time for some more bridesmaid inspiration, but today instead of looking at dresses, the trend we’re focusing on is bridesmaids in skirts. I think this started with LDS weddings in the US, but I absolutely love how stylish and sophisticated the look is, and it’s actually really budget friendly. As with all the trends I’ve highlighted so far, there are lots of ways of working this – identical skirts and tops, mismatched tops, mismatched skirts, casual tops, formal ones… you can pretty much customise it to whatever look you want. In fact, I think it’s a particularly good option if you’re struggling to find dresses that fit with the style you envision – definitely consider the skirt option, whether simple or textured, short or long. I’ve actually worn this as a bridesmaid before (my friend Abbie was so ahead of her time!) and I have to say that it was comfortable, flattering and really pretty. So here are my favourites from t’internets. Read more

Great Gatsby Bridesmaid Dresses

Great Gatsby Bridesmaid Dresses | SouthBound Bride

Image: Jonathan Wherrett via Vintage Now

Hello lovelies, are you all ready for your weekend? I have a rare personal post coming up today, but first, it’s time to look at another awesome bridesmaid dress trend and this is one I’ve been looking forward to highlighting for a while. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE The Great Gatsby. Ever since I read it, I’ve been a little bit obsessed with the roaring ’20s. I’m also a little bit obsessed with Baz Luhrmann – Strictly Ballroom is my ALL TIME favourite film, with Romeo + Juliet coming a close second (although, let’s not talk about Moulin Rouge or Australia, kay?). So as you can imagine, I am dying to see the film. And the timing is perfect, because fashion and wedding world have been jonesing for this for ages – 1920s keeps being a trend, and it keeps getting better, especially with all the gorgeous embellished dresses around at the moment. Seriously, could someone doing this please make me their bridesmaid? Because I so want an excuse to wear one of these beauties. Full disclosure: it’s not the most budget-friendly look (although I have identified some pocket-friendly options here), but it is mismatched (or even matched), glam, perfection. You don’t need to be having a vintage or Gatsby-themed wedding to pull it off either, but it will add a gorgeous touch of dapper flapper to your wedding style. Read more

Must Love Dogs Engagement Shoot

Must Love Dogs Engagement Shoot | SouthBound Bride

Something about me: I’m a dog person. As in, go up to strangers and ask to pet their dogs. As in, won’t watch any film about dogs ever since I almost passed out from crying after Jock of the Bushveld. As in, won’t date a guy if my dog doesn’t like him (because I’m sorry, but if dogs don’t like a person, there’s something wrong with them). Of course, it turns out I’m also a cat person, since there happens to be one purring on my shoulder right now, so I guess that just makes me an animal person. Either way, when photographer Erna Loock sent over this engagement shoot of the sweet Jess and Bryce with their doglet Lily, I was smitten. Especially when Erna told me how they’d chosen the Alphen Trail in Constantia for the shoot especially so that Lily could be part of it, and how the biggest challenge was photobombing dogs! Hilarious. Read more

Inspiration Board: Olive & Stripe

Happy Monday friends! There’s been a lot going on here at SBB headquarters, which I may or may not get around to sharing with you all. But it’s a new week, and that always means a fresh start and fresh inspiration. Today’s is one that sort of just came together, but I think if I had married, this might be what my wedding could have looked like. I love everything Italian (especially since I have been doing some writing jobs that are making me long to spend some time there again!) but while a rustic Tuscan farmhouse look is fab, I also love the idea of updating it a bit with a bit of a chic modern, black and white, Kate Spade look – the perfect combination of Mediterranean and contemporary graphic. Do you love it as much as I do?

Colours: Black, white and green

Inspiration Board: Olive & Stripe | SouthBound Bride

Top row (l-r): Place setting {Viera Photographics/The Stylish Soiree}; bridesmaids in black dresses {Ladybug Photography}; heels {Lacie Hansen}; olive leaf bouquet {M&J Photography/Weddings In Italy}
Row 2: Dress with sash {SimplyBloom Photography}; olive grove {Jose Villa}; striped straws {Caplan Miller}; groom {Judy Pak/Dreamlite Photography}
Row 3: Couple {Lacie Hansen}; wine bottle table numbers; olive leaf heart {Camille Soulayrol}; outdoor table {Kaella Lynn Events/Nirav Photography}; bride and groom in Positano {Forever Photography}.


Glitter Bridesmaid Dresses

Glitter Bridesmaid Dresses | SouthBound Bride

Image: Chelsey Boatwright Photography/Badgley Mischka via Grey Likes Wedding

Do I ever have some stories to tell about this last week y’all (can I get away with y’all? I want to). I had some plans to write a fun little post about our blogiversary, but life decided to teach me about best laid plans. So I scrapped that, and I have something else to share, soon, from the heart. For now though, it’s time for GLITTER. Because, to paraphrase Audrey Hepburn, glitter is ALWAYS a good idea. Or at least, a little glitter. And one of my absolute favourite places to see some sparkle in a wedding is on the bridesmaids. They feel fabulous (ask me – I wore a sequin gold dress to my 21st – so ahead of my time! – and felt like a Bond girl all night long). They look awesome in pictures. And you get that touch of glitter and glam without having to use it on your tables if you feel like it may be a bit too much. Plus, with sequins and metallics on trend in general, there’s no shortage of options in the shops. So today we’re rounding up SBB’s favourite shimmery bridesmaids, and as always, adding shopping options for those of you currently on a BM dress hunt. Go forth and shop. Or perhaps that should be, go forth and shine. Actually, DO BOTH. Read more